ConditioningEvery 10 minutes or so, one of the…


Every 10 minutes or so, one of the “therapists” walked into the room to spank his balls 5 to 50 times, then praise him while gently massaging his balls with oil. If he was hard after the first 5 spanks, the second phase started sooner and lasted longer. If he couldn’t get hard after 50 slaps, there was no second phase, just a disappointed “I’m sure you’ll learn soon enough” and departure.

cutlass18: kinkythingsilike:Looks like a good way to fine-tune…



Looks like a good way to fine-tune your ability to hit a small target with a singletail. So many targets.

..and those little pegs pinch like a bitch..!!

Thinking of you.

And hating the idea.

And how you’d love it.

And therefore I’d love it.

… afterwards, at least. 😉