Cum cum cummmmmm


I did a thing. A vile, mean, intense and delicious thing.

Here’s the great thing about orgasm denial as part of the dynamic. You can just wing it. You can improvise. Something you can’t really do in the same way with things like pain, because preparations and aftercare can include wildly different things.

Anyway, I improvised and brought Sphinx and me to a new frontier. Translation; I broke his little fucktoy brain and was meaner than ever before.

I made him touch and fuck me willy nilly a couple of times, because I was horny, and because I wanted to rile him up. But that’s just where it started. Looking at him, glistening cock, beggy eyes, frustrated stance after I pulled him out of me just short of a ruin… I got an idea. I told him I wanted him to cum on my face (which I do… oh mannn I do). His moan when I said that… ugh. The doubt and want sliding over his face, his whole body posture. He can’t cum until the 26th of May. That’s what he/we agreed to with his other partner. He didn’t want to violate that. So I told him, “You could always ask her.”, and he did. She said dooooo it.

Can you guess where this is going yet? 😛

We went to bed, Sphinx all “yeah let’s do this!”. We fucked. I pushed him off of me, on his knees, (cause how else am I gonna get cum on my face *wink) and I started doing what I do best. Using my hands and mouth to work him into a frenzy. “You can cum, but you have to ask me before you do.” was answered with groans. It took him a couple of edges and a ruin before he started asking me to let him cum. And we all know that’s where the fun begins. *smirk “No.”

Now, that’s nothing new. The way he reacts to it is nothing new. He didn’t know whether to pull his cock away from me or give it to me. You know. The dilemma. 😛 And that’s when it happened. I told him he could cum, that he should cum, that I was waiting for him to blow his load… while edging him continuously and furiously. Now this next bit is infused with nasty smirks and evil laughs at my parts, delivered with the sweetest tone I could muster.

“Please come for me… I want you to soooo bad”


“Why aren’t you cumming baby, am I not doing this right?”

“Pleaheahease, please don’t stop!!!”

“Cum for me, please don’t deny me your sperm, don’t you wan’t to cum?”

“Yes please please please don’t stop uggghhh”

“Well now I’m just getting hurt… you can’t cum? Don’t you love my mouth around your cock? Don’t you want to spray all over me?”

“Aaaaahhh groan grunts whimpers etc. etc.”

Time after time after time. Until he collapsed… crying.

“I can’t cum *sob I can’t cum”

“Why not baby?”

He was gone, he couldn’t really answer. So I scooped him up, grabbed him tight, caressed him with my fingertips and told him how proud I was. And I was. At the both of us. I made a grown ass man cry. And I loved it. And he went through a more extensive mindfuck than I thought he could handle, and he loved it as much as he hated it. He really thought he would get to cum. To be fair, I thought so too, before that little spark in me was tickled to be mean. But I know he also really wants to hit that target, and he’s grateful I’m not taking that away from him.

The one bad take away from this? No cum for me. ^^

The Edging Therapist – Session 1


It was an unconventional therapy, but their sexless marriage was on the verge of a complete breakdown, and they both recognised they needed something radical to get it back on track.

A friend had given them her card, with a knowing smile and an extracted promise. ‘No one must ever know I gave you this. We never talk about it, you never ask about it. Deal?’

How mysterious, but that friend’s marriage had looked rocky a while back, and something had transformed it. Maybe it was worth a go. What the hell was Edging Therapy anyway, even Google didn’t know.

The first session was relatively straightforward, talking about their situation, until it got to her asking about their sex life in the most intimate detail. The questions she asked, but also the way she asked them – her arousal was obvious, and infectious. Making them describe their first encounters, their most memorable moments, what they were best at, what they enjoyed most.

‘I’m going to masturbate while you talk. In five minutes i’m going to ask you to do the same,’ she announced, and to both their astonishment, without the slightest embarrassment, she spread her legs, lifted her short skirt and slipped her fingers down between her legs, slowly masturbating through her sheer lingerie.

The topic moved to masturbation, how natural it was, asking about both their experiences. She slipped her fingers inside as the wife described her first times touching herself, and to her husband’s surprise, how regularly she did it now.

The therapist looked at her watch, sliding her hand to her mouth and nonchalantly sucking her juices off as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

She leaned in to the wife, ‘Show me, show me what you do. I want you to masturbate, right here and now for me. This is an absolutely essential to this working, I know it’s difficult, but I just did it, you can too. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, this is how my therapy works, so if you’re serious about wanting to fix things, reach down and masturbate.’

And much to her own surprise, she did. Hesitantly, but she was already aroused, the questions, the frankness, seeing another woman doing it, right there in front of them. 

She turned to the husband, whose eyes were wide, ‘I assume you’ve never watched her do this before?’

‘I had no idea,’ he stuttered. ‘I didn’t know she ever did it, let alone so often. This is mindblowing.’

She quizzed him on his habits, and he tried not to look at his wife as he confessed just how often, and where, he would jerk himself off, every day.

‘You want to masturbate too, watching her?’ she asked.

‘I do, I really do!’ he replied, glad she didn’t make him confess any more.

‘Well you can’t. Let me make this very clear right at the start.’ She looked at them both, pausing. Her hand moved to his crotch and she squeezed.

‘I control this cock. It’s the very core of how I’m going to fix your marriage.’

‘This cock is my property while you’re in my care, is that clear? Do both of you understand?’ She turned to the wife. ‘Until I say otherwise, you are not allowed to touch it, rub it, suck it, or fuck it. Yes?’

‘Y..yes, okay. If that’s what we need,’ the wife said.

He snorted, ‘It’s not like she was anyway.’

The therapist turned to him, ‘And you, are you willing to let me control this?’ she rubbed his rigid cock through his pants.

‘If she’s okay with it, then fuck yes. I’m in!’

She made them both say it, she was in control. Not just of his cock, but their entire sex life. They would do what she told them, and most importantly, neither was allowed to cum without her permission.

‘No cumming, is that clear? Let me hear you say it,’ she insisted.

‘No cumming,’ they both replied, uncertainly.

‘Are you close to an orgasm right now?’, she asked the wife. She knew she was. ‘Do not cum, do you understand? If you do this will all be for nothing. Instead, slow down, and watch, and enjoy.’

The therapist slowly undid the husband’s zipper, she smiled to herself as she saw the sparks of lust ignite in the wife’s eyes. This was going to be an easy one. She kept looking at her as she pulled out his erect cock, playing with the slippery precum before lubing it up and stroking more vigorously.


She didn’t need to say much at this point, the edging would do its work. It always did. 

He didn’t take long at all to get to the edge, she’d have to work on that. She shifted her attention to him, keeping him there. Making him focus on his wife, as she masturbated, watching.

‘Tell him what you want right now’, she told the wife.

He nearly came right then as he heard his wife express how desperate she was for his cock, the things she wanted to do to it, things he’d only dreamed of. And then it was his turn, in the most crude of terms telling his wife how desperate he was to fuck her, to use her, to be inside her again.

And then her hand stopped, right on the edge, one more stroke and he’d have cum.

‘You stop too,’ she told the wife. ‘That’s it, you’re both done for today.’

They both protested, but the therapist was abrupt and in command. ‘I said that’s it, this is edging, just look at how it’s already affected you, and we’re only just beginning.’

She reiterated to the wife that his cock was not to be touched, and then turned to him. ‘You too, no more wanking, it stops now.’

His wife exclaimed, ‘There’s no way he can manage that, you heard how often he jerks off.’

‘I know, that’s why he’s going to wear this,’ the therapist replied, opening a box on the table.

‘I’m going to lock up his penis in a cage that only I’ll have the key to. And you,’ she looked to the wife, ‘If you can’t control yourself I’ve got something similar to put you in, but for now, it’s just him who’ll be locked up.’

‘What the fuck? I’m not putting my dick in that!’ he whined.

‘Well that’s up to you, but if that’s the case then I’m afraid our sessions end now. But before you decide, just think. How much do you want this? How much do you want her to look at you again the way she did just now?’

‘I, I want that more than anything.’ He looked like he was suddenly going to cry.

‘Because right now, you’re selfishly draining all your sexual energy, jerking off whenever you want. And she needs it, you both need it, this marriage needs it. And it’s a habit you won’t break, without this. So, will you wear it, for three days, for the sake of your marriage, for the sake of her?’

‘I will, yes of course I will.’ 

Before he had time to change his mind she slid him into the steel cage, locking it and putting the key in her desk.


‘Shit that’s tight, there’s no room to grow at all!’ he exclaimed.

‘It’s better that way, it hurts, less, when you do try to get hard. Here, read this.’

She gave him a sheet with aftercare instructions, and how to handle the times it tries to get hard.

In the meantime his wife had moved close, right next to him for the first time. Staring at his cock, now encased in tight steel bands. ‘Oh my god, I think I want it even more now it’s behind bars!’

‘Welcome to edging therapy both of you. You’ve had a taste, and you’ve done wonderfully. No strict rules, yet – except one, which is?’

‘No cumming!’ they laughed together.

The magic was already working.

If you enjoyed this let me know, I’m sure I can find out details of their further sessions… – denial for couples

Original picture is of Mistress T – photoshopped source unknown

Wow! This is delicious. I’d love to see more.

jukeboxemcsa: “That’s right,” she whispers. “That’s a good boy….


“That’s right,” she whispers. “That’s a good boy. All those thoughts fading away into the pleasure trance for me.” She knows he isn’t really hearing her anymore, not as words, but she also knows that the soothing sound of her voice is lulling him even further along into compliance. “Good boy,” she continues, methodical in her task. “Deeper and deeper.”

He stares up at her, but his gaze is blank and empty. She smiles back, nodding at him, letting him know that it’s okay to simply drift along to the rhythm of her endless strokes on his cock and let the pleasure sap away any will he has left. She wonders idly whether he still thinks he’s just playing along until he can get his rocks off, or if that bit of self-deception has faded into mindless obedience along with the rest of his thoughts.

“Good boy,” she whispers again, “my good sweet obedient boy.” It doesn’t matter, really. He can twist his brain into as many knots as he likes to justify his surrender to himself, so long as he obeys. And she knows he will. The promise of pleasure is too strong to resist, and she’s already braided together pleasure and obedience in his mind too strongly to ever separate them. Whatever his conscious mind might believe, she knows that deep down, he obeys because he obeys. The surrender is its own justification.

“That’s it,” she whispers, gently teasing his balls with her fingernails as she continues to stroke, “riding the edge of bliss again for me, good boy, good boy…” He gasps, his hips straining, his mind drifting on a plateau of ecstasy that floats so near to orgasm that he can almost touch it. He doesn’t, of course. He doesn’t have permission. But she’s allowed him to lose himself here until time has no meaning for him, suspended in a pleasure so perfect that he’ll do anything to experience it again. And she knows it. And she uses it to cement her control.

“Mine,” she whispers, letting him rest a moment before beginning the cycle again. A few more hours, she decides. Just to make sure he remembers.

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3……… 2……………. 1…………………………… <3

“Three…”, I smiled.

His stroking increased. His eyes were already closed.

“Two…”, I continued.

“Mmmmmhhhhh…”, he moaned.

“One…”, I teased.

“Please…please…”, was all he could say.

“Changed my mind. Hands off.”, I grinned.

“Nooooooo-hooooo…”, he whined. Of course he took his hands off but he continued to thrust his hips into the air. Is there anything more cute a boy could do?

“Why the hell do you have to look so beautiful when denied and horny?”, I asked him laughing. “I want to let you cum, I really want to but…”. I kissed his cheek. “Just look at you! How could I destroy that?”

He stared at a point of the wall infront of him. “I. Am. So. Fucking. Horny.”, he said.

I laughed and caressed his chest. “I know. I know. And beautiful, don’t forget ‘beautiful’.”

He smiled.

“Alright.”, I said. “Let’s try again.”

“Mmnnghhh…”, he groaned but grabbed his still fully erected member.

“Stroke it.”, I ordered. He did it.

“Three…”, I began.


@digitalswitchgamine for cute buys edging. And perhaps being told to STOP. Right as they’re beginning to make headway.

Ugh @convoluted-moonscape your reblogs are driving me nuts

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master-jake-one: Electro-edging: This slave, grunts2, is so…


Electro-edging: This slave, grunts2, is so close, he tries to fuck the empty air. He thinks he’s going to be allowed to cum, and he tries to. But he gets a jolt that shoots him down every time he gets too close.

Goon Update 3



I still haven’t cum. I can’t believe it. Today marks 24 days. I’ve never denied myself for so long.

This past week I’ve had no time for a proper goon session and mnmghh I fucking need one. I work 50 hours a week, I’ve been busy both weekends, I’ve been out and about constantly.. my cock is crying for attention.

I wake up and I’m compelled to edge for a while. I’ve been edging in every shower for the past week. I can’t control it. When I go to bed I still play with my cock and frustrate myself to crazy levels until I’m not bothered or I fall asleep. Sometimes when I come home from work I just sit on my bed for a few minutes (ends up longer..) with my hand down my pants while checking my Tumblr.

My balls are fucking solid. So heavy and achy. They have this subtle resting ache that constantly reminds me of how full and horny I am. This morning in the shower I slapped them fast and continuously while holding my rock hard cock until I reached the edge. Holy shit was that amazing. Ball slap edging? Wtf?! Mmngh. I think the water softens the blow, but it also amplifies the sound.. altogether combining into a really stimulating slap. The sound makes your brain think it’s alot more pleasurable and it genuinely increases the pleasure. I can slap much harder than when I’m not in the shower too and it feels amazing. I’ve sort’ve grown fond of slapping my balls occassionally when masturbating now.

Whenever I go for a pee, I realize Im holding my dick. This instantly triggers the craving to start gooning unghh. I got my dick in my hand and I can’t even goon? Mnghh. The frustration. I’ll end up massaging it or my balls for a few seconds just to alleviate the rush of arousal that comes. It feels sooo good.

As usual, I’m still helping others goon and I’m still being bombarded in my inbox with porn and hypno and goon instructions and it drives me fucking wild. It’s such a fucking turnon and all this denial makes it an instant slam of pleasure. I love it. Tits trigger me like crazy.

I love being this horny. My alpha side rips through sometimes too and I’m itching to tie a sub up and play with her until she’s gooned out into oblivion. The urge to fuck her until her eyes roll back and she can’t do nothing besides mumble from all the pleasure. Give her pussy my utmost attention, learn everything about her pleasure centres and drive her insane. Make her edge and edge until she can’t think.. mngh. Love reciprocating this feeling.

Everything from my first two goon updates still applies. My cock dances all day. Random thoughts trigger super hard boners. Random leaks that i can feel from my balls all the way to the tip of my cock.

God I can’t fucking wait to have a proper goon session.. it’s just been way too long. I assume I’m busy this weekend too.. the frustration is real.

I want to please a woman so bad. I want to goon for her and I want her to deny me until my mind is a wreck. I’m already a wreck. I need to be more wrecked. I’m craving for a woman to tease me until I can’t think. Tie me up and edge me and make me beg to never cum.. mnggh. My fantasies keep slipping out.

Once again, I can’t believe I’ve reached 24 days. I’ve always told myself 2 weeks max. I guess that’s out the window. I don’t even want to cum anymore. Im just extremely desperate to and I loveeee the desperation. I love the shivering wave of pleasure that comes with such an effortful denial of my own orgasm.

I don’t want to stop. I love this teasing. I love the frustration. I love edging. I love denial. I love gooning. Mmnnghh.

@igoonforyou You’re killing me this is o fucking sexy, I can’t believe it’s been 24 days, now I have to edge 24 more times each hour, fuuuuck this is going to drive me insane, keep going, keep going, keep those balls full of cuuuuum!!!

brat-princess2: The Male Milker allows for continuous…


The Male Milker allows for continuous monitoring of the male orgasm cycle during continuous teasing. The system will detect sexual arousal and when it senses an orgasm is close, it delivers a powerful yet safe shock to the base of its balls, prostrate, and brain stem. This has the effect of cutting off the male orgasm and preventing pleasure to it. It does allow the free flow of Pre-Ejaculate from the male. The Male Milker is currently only interested in collecting Pre-cum.

The girls act as a “Teaser”. Their job is to tease the males to produce more Pre-Cum, and to monitor the system meters and lights. They wear different outfits, sit on their faces and do their best to tease the male to produce Pre-Cum. The girls like to get to know their cows and know their fetishes and fantasies to increase production. The goal is to “bounce” the male at the edge of orgasm. The shocks delivered should be just necessary to prevent orgasm but not enough to push him too far down in the cycle. In testing, a male was successfully bounced for around 5 and half minutes. We have been unable to reproduce this as of late.

The Male could theoretically clear his mind and intentionally avoid orgasm. The Male Milker solves this with a Minimum Orgasm Time Limit. If the Male does not orgasm within 2 minutes it gets an audible warning. If the male does not cum within 15 seconds from this warning he will get a Penalty shock. This motivates the male to try and orgasm and penalizes males that try to avoid the milking. The shock he gets from an orgasm cutoff is less severe than a penalty shock so the male is motivated to focus on his Teaser and to try and cum fairly.

The system also automatically detects Male Exhaustion. After several hours on the milking bench, a male may become physically unable to produce pre-ejaculate. The system will automatically give an audible warning and flashing lights to the Teaser Girl that male exhaustion has been reached and further penalty shocks will be needlessly cruel. At this point the male should have the milker removed, a chastity tube locked in place, untied, and returned to a cage for a rest period before future milking’s. The rest period shall be at least 5 hours but not more than 12. It is important for the Milking Slaves to be in Chasity ALL the time. After milking the male is placed into chastity and securely locked.

In this clip, Amadahy violated procedure when she left the male downstairs by itself after exhaustion had been reached. The male suffered several penalty shocks after exhaustion. There were a couple other bugs that need to be worked out. The shocking for some reason kept increasing during the milking. The voltage is drifting upwards. As of now we are not sure why. The males were not significantly affected by the increase voltage.

Brat Princess is very excited about the Male Milker Automated system. We have several more bells and whistles that we are testing right now. The machine has great potential as a gay trainer and a great place for used up financial slaves to be used. They can continue to contribute to their Princesses lifestyle by selling their Pre-Cum. The Pre-Cum from long term chastity slaves can be used in many commercial applications. Some of these include Lip Gloss and Boot Shiners depending on the additives. Check out this clip. It is very interesting. (17:18 long)

trust-power-pleasure: phenomenonsexual: 3……… 2……………….



3……… 2……………. 1…………………………… <3

“Three…”, I smiled.

His stroking increased. His eyes were already closed.

“Two…”, I continued.

“Mmmmmhhhhh…”, he moaned.

“One…”, I teased.

“Please…please…”, was all he could say.

“Changed my mind. Hands off.”, I grinned.

“Nooooooo-hooooo…”, he whined. Of course he took his hands off but he continued to thrust his hips into the air. Is there anything more cute a boy could do?

“Why the hell do you have to look so beautiful when denied and horny?”, I asked him laughing. “I want to let you cum, I really want to but…”. I kissed his cheek. “Just look at you! How could I destroy that?”

He stared at a point of the wall infront of him. “I. Am. So. Fucking. Horny.”, he said.

I laughed and caressed his chest. “I know. I know. And beautiful, don’t forget ‘beautiful’.”

He smiled.

“Alright.”, I said. “Let’s try again.”

“Mmnnghhh…”, he groaned but grabbed his still fully erected member.

“Stroke it.”, I ordered. He did it.

“Three…”, I began.