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“Will I let you cum? I haven’t decided yet, baby. On the other hand, you’ve kept that cum in your balls for so long it’s clearly driving you insane. On the other hand, I love stroking your cock morning, day and night and watch you squirm and I just love how hard you are for me all the time, and I definitely love how passionately you eat my pussy now.

Ok, I think I made my choice.”

Unnnfff… what a sexy, devious smile…

Cum cum cummmmmm


I did a thing. A vile, mean, intense and delicious thing.

Here’s the great thing about orgasm denial as part of the dynamic. You can just wing it. You can improvise. Something you can’t really do in the same way with things like pain, because preparations and aftercare can include wildly different things.

Anyway, I improvised and brought Sphinx and me to a new frontier. Translation; I broke his little fucktoy brain and was meaner than ever before.

I made him touch and fuck me willy nilly a couple of times, because I was horny, and because I wanted to rile him up. But that’s just where it started. Looking at him, glistening cock, beggy eyes, frustrated stance after I pulled him out of me just short of a ruin… I got an idea. I told him I wanted him to cum on my face (which I do… oh mannn I do). His moan when I said that… ugh. The doubt and want sliding over his face, his whole body posture. He can’t cum until the 26th of May. That’s what he/we agreed to with his other partner. He didn’t want to violate that. So I told him, “You could always ask her.”, and he did. She said dooooo it.

Can you guess where this is going yet? 😛

We went to bed, Sphinx all “yeah let’s do this!”. We fucked. I pushed him off of me, on his knees, (cause how else am I gonna get cum on my face *wink) and I started doing what I do best. Using my hands and mouth to work him into a frenzy. “You can cum, but you have to ask me before you do.” was answered with groans. It took him a couple of edges and a ruin before he started asking me to let him cum. And we all know that’s where the fun begins. *smirk “No.”

Now, that’s nothing new. The way he reacts to it is nothing new. He didn’t know whether to pull his cock away from me or give it to me. You know. The dilemma. 😛 And that’s when it happened. I told him he could cum, that he should cum, that I was waiting for him to blow his load… while edging him continuously and furiously. Now this next bit is infused with nasty smirks and evil laughs at my parts, delivered with the sweetest tone I could muster.

“Please come for me… I want you to soooo bad”


“Why aren’t you cumming baby, am I not doing this right?”

“Pleaheahease, please don’t stop!!!”

“Cum for me, please don’t deny me your sperm, don’t you wan’t to cum?”

“Yes please please please don’t stop uggghhh”

“Well now I’m just getting hurt… you can’t cum? Don’t you love my mouth around your cock? Don’t you want to spray all over me?”

“Aaaaahhh groan grunts whimpers etc. etc.”

Time after time after time. Until he collapsed… crying.

“I can’t cum *sob I can’t cum”

“Why not baby?”

He was gone, he couldn’t really answer. So I scooped him up, grabbed him tight, caressed him with my fingertips and told him how proud I was. And I was. At the both of us. I made a grown ass man cry. And I loved it. And he went through a more extensive mindfuck than I thought he could handle, and he loved it as much as he hated it. He really thought he would get to cum. To be fair, I thought so too, before that little spark in me was tickled to be mean. But I know he also really wants to hit that target, and he’s grateful I’m not taking that away from him.

The one bad take away from this? No cum for me. ^^

teazdndenied: How in god’s name had this happened??James looked…


How in god’s name had this happened??

James looked on in disbelief, his mind still trying to wrap itself around and make sense of this most unexpected turn of events.

Mary Beth in accounting seemed like such a sweet, quiet girl. Still, something about her intrigued James to the point where he found himself feeling this urge to get to know her outside the work place.

Nothing fancy. Maybe coffee? Or lunch? Something casual so that neither of them would feel the pressure that often accompanies that sometimes awkward ‘first date’.

He was delighted when Mary Beth accepted his invitation to go to the local farmers’ market that Saturday morning, followed by a casual lunch. James enjoyed himself even more than he’d expected and he began to sense perhaps there were more layers to Mary Beth than what she revealed from within her cubicle at the office.

They even extended their time together by deciding to stop at a local book store after lunch, then on to Mary Beth’s apartment to enjoy some freshly ground coffee she’d picked up at the book store.

And that…. was when the day took a most unexpected turn for James.

Now, an hour later as he sat bound to one of Mary Beth’s kitchen chairs, watching in disbelief at the way her soft fingers gently toyed with his cock between the steel bars of a chastity cage… he still was fuzzy on how this turn of events had occurred so effortlessly.

What was becoming increasingly apparent though was that look of curiosity and delight in her eyes as she watched his cock strain to break free of its new prison… those soft purrs of contentment that came from her each time one of her caresses would provoke a gasp or whimper from him….

Eventually, with an obviously shaking voice James said, “Mary Beth…. my god…. I’ve never done…. I mean…. this is hot…b-but… how much longer?? Are you going to… you know… let me out soon??”

Without even taking her eyes off of his cock, she calmly replied, “James, shhh…. hush. Of course I’m not….. why would I do that when we’ve just barely started?”

When he whimpered she softly asked, “Is this new for you sweetie? First time being restrained while having your cock locked up?”

James swallowed hard and nodded.

“Mmm, good, I love that…. then, this is going to be so much fun for you. Just relax for me James, I can tell you’re trying to fight it. I know you’re trying so hard to resist… to keep yourself under control… to somehow keep yourself from getting hard and turned on. Don’t do that sweetie, you’ll never be able to….”

“Oh god, Mary Beth… p-please,” he whispered softly beneath his breath, feeling as if he was slowly burning up with pleasure and need from her soft, gentle caresses of his caged, frustrated cock.

“Shhhh, don’t try to fight it James…. it feels so good, doesn’t it? The way I’m touching you? You’re allowed to like it, sweetie… I want you to like it.”

She smiled at his soft whimper, purring, “Aww, I know baby. Trying so hard to not get hard and turned on, but you just can’t, can you?….. but at the same time when your poor cock tries so hard to get all hard and stiff it can’t do that either, huh? See how this works baby? Isn’t this so much fun?”

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After being framed and convicted for a crime he did not commit,
Terrence instinctively panicked and had what was diagnosed as a “minor nervous breakdown,”
quickly being transferred from prison to an out-of-state psychiatric
hospital without having any say in the matter. Terrence had no way of
knowing this ahead of time, but the medical facility was notorious for
its unorthodox treatment plans, questionable ethics policies, unsavory
staff of doctors and nurses, refusal to allow patients’ relatives to
ever visit, and an alarmingly low discharge rate.

Doctor Shaw quickly took a liking to the newest patient/inmate- charmed by his masculine aggression within such a sterile and controlled environment– and before long, she was devoting all of her time and energy into studying (and dismantling) her patient’s mental coherence. Using a controversial “frustrationbased” approach, Doctor Shaw was eager to transform a once proud, intelligent (and innocent)
man into a mindless, slobbering, dangerously agitated bull. A primitive
beast with no rights and no way to evade his tormentors, Terrence would
not experience the relief of an orgasm for as long as he remained in
the hospital.

As his sanity continued to wither and rot in response to the treatments- his prostate crammed with chunky, unspent sauce
and his balls inflated with seed- the hospital’s legal grip on Terrence
tightened into a vice. He had no way of knowing this ahead of time, but
he would never be discharged… literally or figuratively.



You Tell Him He Can’t Cum




The first time and you feel awful.  It hurts you as he begs and tells you how much he needs it.  As he curses and his hand shakes as you make him put his cock away.  As he wheedles and tries to undermine your command and you aren’t so sure anymore this is what he wants, but you shore up and are firm and you tell him how it will be.  

It turns out he loves you for it.  It drives him mad.  Hearing stern rules almost makes him cum on the spot untouched.  Being denied fuels him in a way you can’t quite comprehend, and this first time as you fight guilt and relief in equal measure you don’t enjoy the power.

Oh but the next time… the next time you barely breathe in his direction and he’s hard?  You work him up with such little effort to the point where he tells you he needs to cum, asks you to cum… and this time you deny him with a smile.  This time the commands fly off your tongue.  This time wonderfully evil ideas spin through your mind and sorting through to pluck only one or two this time occupies far too much of your time.  You are soaked through.  

It is not just a no for now.  It is a no for the afternoon.  It is a no for the evening.  It is a no as you cum and he listens.  It is a no as you send him favorite porn of his.  It is a no as you let him choose what toy you will masturbate with.  It is a no as others tease him.  It is a no as you cum again.  A world of denial coming easily, and with each no his desperation is evident, but he doesn’t fight it.  He’s so grateful.  Drowning in lust and hotness and your attention.  Denied but not forgotten.  Allowed to edge and edge so pleasure builds, if not release.  

He has a time limit.  A count down.  He knows when his torment is set to end.  That does not stop him from asking.  From needing.  From begging.  From cursing, but with a smile.  Enjoying the teasing nearly as much, if not more, than he’ll enjoy his release.  That’s okay… you’ll enjoy that release enough for both of you, over and over and over.

…. and even now, when his time limit has expired, his torment set to end, she breathes huskily in to his mouth. “Are you sure baby?….. are you sure? Do you really want all of this to end…. or, do you want more?”

He moans, he whimpers, his mind far too broken to be able to think clearly…. all that exists is her wickedly swirling hand, her lips so close, her breasts grazing his chest. “You can have more baby, all you have to do is ask…. tell me that you don’t want this to end…. not yet…. beg me to make you wait….”

To her delight he does exactly that. Mindless, incoherent, broken…. he begs for more as he sinks deeper…. pleading with her to make this sweet torment last…. to not release him from this sensual hell of desperation where he is now helplessly trapped.

Now, her triumph over him is complete…. his addiction to her unwavering. “Mmm hmm, yes baby….. I promise, you can have more…. so much more…..”

She smiles at the sound of his whimper, when he realizes what he’s just done, but it’s too late. There’s no going back now. Wickedly she purrs in to his mouth, “It’ll be ok baby, I promise….. now, let me show you just how much longer I can make…. you….. wait….”


teazdndenied: No wonder he had that desperate, pleading look in…


No wonder he had that desperate, pleading look in his eyes as she gazed down at him.

God, he was so fucking hard. Nine days of cum were trapped and churning inside him and his cock was like a hot, pulsing rod of steel.

She could feel the heat emanating from his agonizingly swollen erection that was trapped beneath her… the way that it quivered and throbbed as if pleadingly begging her silky pussy for mercy. But instead of mercy, her hips continued their slow, barely perceptible, erotic undulations above him, her silky folds teasing along the length of him while offering him no hope of slipping inside.

Though her teasing may have been merciless, she wasn’t truly heartless. While she had no intention of offering him release, she was more than willing to offer him a different sort of… relief.

“Oh honey….. c’mere baby,” she cooed in a soft, understanding voice. When he managed to draw his trembling body up in to a sitting position she soothingly slipped her hand around his neck, drawing him close while nuzzling softly in to his ear.

With her hips still rolling ever so subtly, her delicate perfume enveloping his senses, she sympathetically whispered, “I know baby, it aches so much doesn’t it?…. you need it so bad…..”

She smiled at his weak whimper, kissing his ear and purring, “You’re doing so well for me, baby. Only five more days…. and then we’ll talk about whether or not it’s time for you to have a release, ok? You can do that, can’t you honey? Wait five more days? For me?”

As badly as he ached… as desperately as he wanted to cum… he nearly melted beneath her from her soft, soothing words. God, when she had him in this place he would do anything for her… absolutely anything.

Swallowing hard and nodding he softly replied, “Yes…. I can… I promise. I can wait…. for you.”

His response was so pure, so sincere, she couldn’t help but to purr softly with arousal. “Mmm, that’s my good boy,” she cooed huskily, the warmth of her breath and softness of her tongue teasing his ear.

And with that, her hips began to roll even more seductively, and the teasing of her folds along his aching erection became more intentional… more seductive…. and more wickedly sinuous.

She smiled at his groan, purring, “Oh honey, are you thinking about how achy you’ll be and how much cum you’ll have built up for me after five more days? Sweetie, don’t do that…. just try to somehow get through what I have planned for you for the rest of this evening, ok?”