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Had an interesting experience last night. While eating dinner and watching TV; e is usually naked, collared and caged. Last night I asked him to remove his cage for some playful teasing. I was playing with his beautiful cock and when I got bored with his desperation I instructed him to touch himself, to test his submission and self control with edging even after 21 days of no spills, ruins or orgasms.

He paused, stared at me and looked paralyzed until I nodded that it was permissible to touch. In that moment I realized my true ownership. When he looked at me with such bewilderment and surprise It was revealed how much he has submitted to my control over his dick and orgasms; I was dripping between my thighs from the display of my power over him.

It was as if we both realized in that moment that this part of his body, something that has always been his personal pleasure tool was no longer his. It it MY toy and under MY control. Was a beautiful display along our loving and interesting journey.

Great story! It’s fun to see how e has grown under your Mistress K’s living mother care in the last few months.