cplteasedenial: Not Ever Again? Last night we played around…


Not Ever Again?

Last night we played around and it was all about Suzy. I had the privilege of licking her pussy and making her cum. Afterwards she went immediately to sleep, leaving her dick dripping and swollen in its cage, not having been touched the whole evening. I stayed awake and composed an email thanking her for all she does to keep me teased and denied. She has really grown in her role as key holder for her dick in the last year. She realized that it is not cruel to withhold pleasure from me because that is what I seek.

When one is horny and hasn’t cum in weeks one tends to get a little crazy. I told her that since she was previously able to keep me 84 days without a full orgasm she could probably deny me full relief indefinitely. Indefinitely! I also told her that if I ever changed my mind and started wanting to cum at times of my choosing – I only ejaculate when she dictates – she would refuse to relinquish control.

Her dick was painfully hard in its confining cage as I composed that message. I basically asked her to not let me cum ever again. When I sent her that message I was a dripping ball of lust. Now I can’t take that back…

Thursday, August 17, 2017, 32 days since last cum.