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Denied, teased, & ruined.

My birthday was 11 days ago, Mistress was going to let me cum after an entire day of teasing, i decided that i wanted a ruin instead of a full orgasm, so i asked her and she said yes, so i ended up ruining my 7 day orgasm even though a full orgasm was within my grasp.

it’s been 11 days since then, i am a full and leaky mess for my mistress, i know she loves it, and that’s why i’m okay with it, she wishes she could lock me up and keep me locked forever, permanently denied.

the amount of teasing is melting my brain, i’ve never gone for this long and it’s really messing with me, but in a good way, i’m her good, denied boy, but god i want to cum. obviously she won’t let me, and i’m kind of okay with that, no matter how full and blue my balls are.


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