dirtythingsthatturnmeonposts: Work and other obligations had…


Work and other obligations had sadly kept us apart much too long to our liking

Yet finally, after three long weeks, the moment to be reunited was upon us..

I remember my babyboy sinking down to his knees the second I stepped into the room, bowing his head in submission. He was still wearing his three piece suit. ‘Please,’ he begged. ‘Please.’

‘What’s wrong, babyboy,’ I asked, stepping into his personal space. This wasn’t like him, at all. He reached out to my lower body the second I was in reach, without permission. His whole body trembling as he held on tight, like a drowning man to a buoy in an unleashed sea.’Please,’ he pleaded over and over. ‘Don’t make me let go.’ 

In all the years I’ve known him, I’ve never heard him sound so small. This was not the time to reprimand him.

Cupping his head between my hands I eased him into looking up. I wish I could say I was shocked to see tears in his eyes, I wasn’t. ‘Talk to me,’ I cooed. ‘Whatever it is, you know there’s no such thing as a taboo between us.’ 

He broke. My beautiful, strong babyboy broke. ‘I missed you. I missed you so much,’ he sobbed, tightening his grip even more. ‘I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. I feel,’ he had to pause to take a breath. ‘I feel lost. My concentration is shot to hell. I feel empty, broken,’ he added.

I remember simply petting his hair, thumbs caressing the side of his face, murmuring how it’s alright not to feel alright at times. Wiping the tears from his eyes

I assured him I wasn’t going anywhere.

‘I don’t smell like you anymore,’ he whispered, the words so softly spoken I wasn’t even sure I had heard them correctly in the first place. I made him repeat what had he just said. 

He took a deep breath, and another, and another before finding the strength to speak up. ‘I don’t smell like you anymore. I don’t like it,’ Don’t be fooled, though he was blushing furiously, there was a fierce fire in his eyes.’ His voice, unlike a few seconds ago, sounded much more calm and composed. ‘It feels wrong. I want- No, I need you to make me whole again. I need to be marked. I need you to make me yours again.’

Just like that the puzzle pieces fell into place. The night before we had to go our separate ways I came while sitting on his chest, in a moment of instinct, or plain possessiveness, I rubbed my sweet juices into his skin, into his groin, whispering how he now smelled like me, how he was mine, marked by something far more meaningful than any spanking could ever offer.

I cannot begin to describe how fiercely protective and proud I felt. I was no longer a woman, no longer his domme, in the blink of an eye I had become a wolf, an Alpha wolf who was about to claim another wolf as her own. 

My hands fisted in his hair I kissed him, hard and deep. ‘My precious babyboy, I murmured against his lips, ‘go and get ready. Take all the time you need before you come back out.’ 

‘I’m ready,’ he replied, looking to me as if I just had hung the moon above his head. ‘I’ll be back in no time.’

‘Don’t for a second think you won’t get punished for disrespecting two basis rules,’ I called out to him when he walked towards the bathroom. 

He turned on his heels, head bowed. ‘I’m truly sorry,’ he said without raising his head. ‘I’ll accept whatever punishment you see fit.’ I’m willing to bet he couldn’t care less about his future punishment at the moment.

                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Incredibly, without even as much as a hint of foreplay, I could feel the moisture sipping into my underwear. Fuck foreplay. For once, foreplay was overrated.

My need to mark, this ferocious animal inside me was slowly talking over. I could feel it, just underneath my skin. It took great effort to undress myself and get comfortable onto the bed. 

True to his word, my babyboy stepped out of the bathroom less then twelve minutes later. Freshly showered and naked as the day he was born. His cock already filling up. Gaze to the floor he walked over to the bed, kneeling at the front, awaiting to be beckoned over.

Exactly as he’s required to do so.

‘Look up, babyboy,’ I instructed. 

The view that greeted him was my glistening pussy, on full display. He cursed at the sight. ‘Please. Please let me come closer. Please.’

I petted the spot next to me on the bed in acknowledgement. He didn’t waste any time getting into position. ‘Finger me.’

Unlike before he didn’t go down to business right away, instead he took about a whole minute to get himself re-acquainted with my pussy. He looked at my pussy as if he hadn’t seen her a thousand times before. Next he probed, both with his tongue and a finger. He touched my clit, my inner and outer lips. ‘I didn’t give you permission to tease me,’ I warned. Then again, I didn’t tell him he couldn’t either. 

When he started fingering me, as always, I felt myself getting more and more wet and judging the sound that started to fill the roam my pussy was soaked. ‘Please,’ he begged, fingers still inside me ‘Please give me permission to mark myself.’

I nodded. 

I remember watching, truly captivated, how he removed his fingers from my body and held them out in front of him. I swear, I still hear the sharp intake of breath he took as he looked at his soaked fingers. The sound he made when he touched his own face, rubbing my juices all over his skin, still is without a doubt the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard until this day. God, he looked so beautiful like this. 

‘Please… Please let me have more.’ 

There was no way I could say no. Not even if my life depended on it. ‘Take as much as you need, babyboy. Just remember-,’ I warned.

He finished my sentence. ‘I wouldn’t dare come unless you give me permission.’

I watched him meticulously coat every part of his body he could reach with my juices. From his face to his neck, to his chest, to his abs, to his sides, to his thighs, only to come to a full stop when he wanted to reach for his leaking cock. ‘Am I allowed to touch?’ 

‘Permission granted, babyboy.’

He didn’t touch his cock right away like I thought he would have. Instead, I saw his gaze switching back and forth from his soaked hand to his erection like he was trying to solve a mystery of life. 

‘Go on, babyboy. Mark your cock.’

He touched his cock so reverently, shifting and canting his hips towards me so I’d have the perfect view. ‘I’m yours,’ he whispered as he added a new layer of my juices onto his already glistening cock. ‘My mind, my cock, all of me is yours.’

‘Mine,’ I acknowledged almost in a growl. In the next second I had pushed myself off of the bed, flipped him over and used my full body weight to pin him down. ‘Mine,’ I repeated, grinding my hips down.

‘Yours,’ came his reply. 

I didn’t hesitate when he bared his throat. I bit down, hard enough to leave an impressive mark on his jugular. Suddenly, surprising the both of us, my babyboy moaned and groaned, his body arching off of the bed. He was right there at the edge. 

I followed my gut. ‘Come,’ I gritted out between my teeth. ‘Come for me.’

He did, screaming out his release unlike ever before.

Afterwards, when we both had come down, we talked about what happened, about the obvious shift, dare I say evolution we took upon our adventure. 

Ever since that day, I very often scent mark my babyboy. It grounds him, and me, in ways I never imagined possible.