edgemeforeternity: The Prof dreaded his time with Serena. Serena…


The Prof dreaded his time with Serena. Serena the sadist he called her, but only in his head of course.

Her favourite, after an hours warm up, was to command him to stroke fast and hard whilst pointing out that there would be dire consequences if he came.

She would then complain of being too hot, remove her cardigan and bend down to inspect his grip…God what a view! She would then turn and bending from the waist, brush some imaginary speck from her shoe..aaaargh!

By this time the Prof would be struggling so hard and she would graciously offer her assistance to help him not cum. The first time this happened, in his edge fogged state, he had begged her “yes please, please help me Miss”

She had leaned over and cradled his balls, actually quite gently and even caressed them, whilst looking him in the eye and whispering,

 “Don’t you dare cum!” Damn, that didn’t help! 

Then she slowly ran her elegant, beautifully manicured finger up, over his pumping fist and along his cock, to the head, whereupon she proceeded to rub it round and around, all the time keeping eye contact and with a wicked grin slowly appearing on her pretty face.

Not daring to stop stroking, all the prof could do was to exclaim,

“Miss, Please? Please stop I can’t hold it, i beg you?”

“Please, you said you’d help me not cum!”

And then she produced her wand. She touched the end to the head of his cock. Christ it felt like a Taser!! 

“There, aren’t I good to you?”  And then she made him thank her. 

And that was how the next hour went. She wouldn’t allow him to slow down or slacken his grip. If he pleaded to be allowed to slow down or to cum she applied her “Taser” stick to his helmet and his balls. If he kept quiet he knew he couldn’t endure her bratty teasing, her touches, the sight of her incredibly sexy, young body, damnit just the fact that he was in her power!…. and he would cum….and that would be far, far worse.

So he begged her to help him not cum, over and over again and she happily giggled as she applied what felt like a million volts.

How did he ever get here he mused.

Would he change anything………..probably not!

This is one of those posts that I am deliciously nervous to reblog.