gentlefemdomwoman: Having your arms and legs tied up, and you being restrained on a big bed, just…


Having your arms and legs tied up, and you being restrained on a big bed, just for me? Would be like Christmas morning for this sexually evil, conniving woman! I would want to ride the fuck out of your cock…alternating between so tortuously slow and deep, and hard and fast. And then, I would hop off you, chiding you for the shortcomings of your pathetic, little dick – even though…no…especially because it’s actually the exact opposite in reality – thick and meaty. I would place a cock sheath over it and fuck you until my cunt is content, playing with your mind via my humiliating words as I do. In the end, after I’ve gotten my pleasure and you still haven’t cum, maybe I’d tell you that if you make like a good little slut and beg, I’ll let you come. Maybe I’ll leave the room until I hear you begging like I want. Maybe I’ll have put a plug in your ass before I walked out. And then, once I feel that you’ve begged enough, I’ll fuck your cock with my hand, and I’ll keep going once you’ve cum. I’ll pleasure torture so much cum out of your dick. And I’ll wipe it on your face, stick some in your mouth, and, if I’m feeling extra selfish, I’ll kiss you. Not because you deserve it, but because I do. I deserve to kiss those lips that belong to me and that I use as my personal throne, among other things. And I’ll moan into your mouth as I do it, and we will share your cum together.

And you know what? Some women like to be called “Mistress” by their submissive. But no, when it comes to you, you’ll be calling me Master. Why? Because it will be even more degrading to you. Just that much more of an insult to you, an added blow to your masculinity. I’m the fucking boss and you’re the one being fucked, in every sense of the word.

Wow I love the conflict within myself as I read this. Some of it is hot. Some of it isn’t hot at all for me and that’s WHY it would be hot.

But that last part would nerd-snipe me right out of headspace! It even stopped my desire to see more sexy posts on Tumblr before getting back to work stuff right now. A female top that thinks her bottom calling her “master” is humiliating for him? Wait… Wha? Is there a way to take that, that’s hot or humiliating as intended, without appealing to one’s sexual insecurity, misogyny, or homophobia?? My facial expression would instantly go from devoted to “who the fuck squirted lemon juice into my gag?!?” 😀

(No disrespect meant. I’m exploring and articulating my reaction and failure of imagination here, not knocking @gentlefemdomwoman’s kinks.)