Hi, absolutely love the blog! i was wondering if you knew any resources or tips for people to just get on and enjoy what they enjoy? I love submission but i’m a really strong guy and it feels a bit stupid being into it if that makes sense? Thanks!

Scroll through my other tumblr @proudhappymalesubs and maybe it’ll help you realize some of the joy and pride and strength that can come from consciously choosing a submissive role to balance your partner. [[by the way I’m always seeking pictures, stories, anecdotes, and personal testimonies about male subs or by male subs about why or how they enjoy their chosen role! Send me things to help other curious people realize they’re not alone and it’s so much different than just whips and pathetic worm (unless you’re into that specifically)]]

Gender and body shape/height has nothing to do which role a person will find fulfilling, and even personality doesn’t always correlate. There are many aggressive, type A, in control people who like to be subby at home, or aggressive, type A, in control people who also like to be dominant at home. Same with people who may seem outwardly more timid, or cooperative, or submissive outside. They may be similar at home or they may enjoy taking the exact opposite role. I hope you keep following along my blog and many others and learn lots! Also read some of the text blogs by @domme-chronicles and @dumbdomme (not active anymore but great archives)