jukeboxemcsa: “You’re trying to resist me.” It wasn’t a…


“You’re trying to resist me.” It wasn’t a question. Mistress Lori never needed to ask Bryan what he was thinking. Bryan had long ago stopped trying to figure out whether she had a unique insight into his thought process, or if she’d simply spent so long putting ideas in his head that he automatically accepted her every word as a product of his own mind. “It won’t work.”

She gave him a wry smile, her fingers continuously working precum into the sensitive skin of his cock. “Because the more you struggle, pet…the more aroused you become.” She wanted him to resist, of course. It was one of her favorite games, telling him to try to stay awake even as she stroked him into blissful oblivion. And Bryan enjoyed losing almost as much as Mistress enjoyed winning. It meant that he was becoming more and more conditioned to fail to resist her will, of course, but that wasn’t exactly something that bothered him too much.

As evidenced by his raging erection. “And the more aroused you become,” Mistress Lori whispered, clearly aware of his vulnerability and happy to exploit it, “the more your mind focuses on your cock. You can’t tear your eyes away from it, in fact. You’re watching my hands move up and down, teasing the head, massaging your sensitive sack…and the more attention you pay to your arousal, the less you think about my words. Until they just slip into your dreamy mind and you obey.”

“O…bey…” Bryan knew he was already weakening. He didn’t know how long he had been staring at his glistening cockhead, watching Mistress’s fingers dance up and down his throbbing shaft. It felt like an eternity; Mistress knew him so well, knew exactly how to keep him suspended in perfect pleasure without allowing him release. She only let him cum when he surrendered. Until then, he would drift in timeless ecstasy for her.

He would be cumming soon. “Good boy!” she purred, giving his cock a rapid tug to keep him centered on the pure bliss of mindless descent into her will. “You’re trying so hard, resisting with all your strength…but all that does is wear you out. All that resistance does is make you sleepy…and horny…and focused deeply on the pleasure of obedience. And you know what happens when your resistance crumbles, don’t you, pet?”

Bryan sighed. “I…cum,” he moaned softly, the pleasure finally overwhelming his ability to think. His vision blurred as his heavy eyelids began to sink shut, and his balls tightened as the orgasm building inside him grew beyond his capacity to control. His pleasure was under Mistress’s control. How could he possibly have forgotten?

“That’s right,” Mistress said, her voice like silken cloth on his cock. “Say it again, pet. Pay me your tribute. Obey.” Her eyes glittered with excitement, and he knew she would be insatiably hungry for his tongue inside her once she had finally stroked his mind into submission.

“I…cum!” Bryan screamed, as sticky jets of hot cum gushed up and out of his hard cock. His eyes slipped shut, his mind went blank, and his last thought was that Mistress Lori made defeat feel better than any victory possibly could.

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