jukeboxemcsa: She hasn’t said a word in twenty minutes. She…


She hasn’t said a word in twenty minutes. She doesn’t need to. His mind has already sunk into a warm, soft, red mist of pleasure for her. She doesn’t need to tell him to obey; a tiny flick of her tongue here, a lazy caress with her fingernails there, and she’s stopped his thoughts more surely than any spiral ever could. He’s lost in fathoms of endless bliss, his words dissolved into moans, and all she needs to do is tease him with her mouth to deepen his trance.

He never expected to be so vulnerable. He thought that a woman on her knees, with his cock in her mouth…that had to be the most submissive thing in the world, right? She couldn’t even speak, not with her lips wrapped around his shaft and sucking him. Her silence was acquiescence, her tongue occupied with pleasuring him, and he felt all that power and all that pleasure stretching his desire almost to the breaking point. And she knew it, too. It was obvious from the way she carefully, meticulously licked and sucked that she wanted this to last.

And last. And last. And last. She sucked him perfectly, never letting him near the peak of his climax, keeping his body saturated with endorphins until finally his cock trained itself not to cum. It took…an hour? Two? He’d lost track of time, lost track of everything but the sensation of her lips on his cock, but it seemed like ages before his body finally stopped trying to release and simply floated in the sensations that she gave him. Until he reached that place where the violent convulsion of orgasm was replaced with an endless drifting bliss just below that peak.

There were false starts along the way, moments when he tried to exert his authority or his power or even simply his free will. But she smoothed them all away, turning every command into a plea and every plea into a whimper and every whimper at last into a slow, helpless sigh of arousal. Every time he tried to think, she replaced those thoughts with pleasure. Until he stopped trying at all. Until he became blank. Passive. Compliant. His eyes stopped watching her suck, stopped seeing anything at all. Then they closed. He doesn’t remember how to open them again.

He belongs to her now. Hypnotized not with words but with touch, not with a visual focus but with the inexorable sensation of pure, unadulterated pleasure. And best of all, she’s had all this time to think about exactly what she plans to do with that mind, now that it’s hers…

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