keephimcaged: Once her husband was tied down the Denial…


Once her husband was tied down the Denial Therapist would go to work, unlocking his cock cage, to which she held the only key, and showing her how to edge him. 

Later sessions would cover ruined orgasms and post orgasm torture, extensively.

At first the wives would be nervous but within a session or two they were encouraged to stimulate themselves while learning. The more orgasms they had the better they retained the lessons taught, according to research.

More often than not, individualized therapy was successfully transitioned to group therapy where several couples would regularly meet for discussion, practice, knowledge-sharing, and group exercises. Whether or not wives took the keys home between meetings, and what happened since the previous meeting, was openly discussed, including plans and goals for that week. Couples who had difficulty putting the ideas into habit within their homes were given healthy encouragement.

Usually, meetings would last about 45 minutes, followed by a “social hour” or two. Most husbands remained restrained, vulnerable, and dripping, yet wanting it to never end because that’s when the chastity devices would be locked back on, usually with the key remaining under the therapist’s care.

It wasn’t required that the husbands strip down to their chastity cage and be restrained in special chairs designed to allow full access, allowing his wife to freely, absentmindedly stroke him during the meeting, but refusal did have its consequences: Legally, the devices, keys, and decisions thereof were owned and maintained by the clinic. Suspicions of tampering, or even just reluctance could earn a different, less comfortable device of the therapists’ choosing, or even an extended stay in a special, secure wing of the clinic.