minasbitch: So it has been one week into permanent chastity and…


So it has been one week into permanent chastity and there have been so many thoughts running through my head! There have been so many questions, comments, congratulations, and also a general concern about what must be my mandatory MRI that people assume I will need. Thanks for the outpouring of support! 🙂

I thought I would share a bit more about our relationship and how that works with the permanent chastity. There is a general question I get a lot of;

“If you are permanently locked how will your keyholder control you?”

In a typical keyheld relationship the control is exerted through the key. So if this were the case then it would kill the relationship dynamic. E.g. If you do this I will let you out and give you a ruined orgasm. We are married and in a Master slave dynamic relationship. So she asserts control in anyway she deems fit. Sometimes through rewards, sometimes through punishments. So although it was sometimes fun for her to hold the key over me it was not integral to our interaction and never her style anyways. One of her favorite things, reveling and laughing at me in a predicament, she can definitely still enjoy as it is one hell of a predicament!

So how does permanent chastity work for the MS dynamic?

Being in chastity keeps me in a submissive, slave headspace. Normally when I would orgasm I lose the headspace, get sub drop, be depressed, and not be nice in general. Then it takes a couple of weeks for all the chemicals in the brain to build back up and then I am back in the right headspace that she wants.

So she has decided that I will not orgasm anymore.

From my perspective what is scary is that as I get deeper into the submissive headspace and the more of a slave/painslut I become, that eventually there would normally be an orgasm and a release. Now when that thought is crossing through my head, I realize there is no escape or release by orgasm of these submissive feelings. Which of course just sends me deeper into the slave mindset.

I have never felt more connected and happy in our MS lifestyle than I have since we made the chastity device permanent!


Permanent chastity isn’t for me IRL but wow it is a very hot idea!