mindlevelzero: missmaigoons: gigglinggoblin: You’re so close….




You’re so close. So, so close, pet.

You’ve held out all night. All night long against my nice, wet tongue. Oh, I’ve watched you squirm. So weak and wriggly for me. But you’ve held out.

You’re so, so close. The sun is rising, pet, and with it will come the morning bell. You’re so, so close. So close as I lick and suck you. Kiss you. Everything’s so hazy, and you’re just so pliant and corrupted, but you’re so close.

Poor, whimpering, messy pet. You’re so close. When that bell rings, we’ll be powerless. Helpless. Yours. Isn’t that what you want? You’re so, so close. So hard, so desperate. I can feel your sweet cum boiling in here, desperate to release. Aching. Oh, but you’re so close, pet.

You were so brave to come here. So brave to let us play with you, lick you, tease you. I’ve made you moan like a wifwolf in heat, pet. And you’re feeling so compliant, so blank and conditioned. Just a mindless, horny brainwashed pet. But you’re so, so close.

When that bell rings, you will have won. You’re so, so close. You’ll own us. We will be your slaves. We’ll make you cum and cum and cum. You like that, don’t you? You like everything we do to you.

You like me licking you. Like me kissing your cock, like me running my wet tongue over your head, over and over again. You’re so weak for my tongue. So sleepy and droopy-eyed. So, so close.

So close to cumming. So, so close, pet. You’re just a mindfucked little plaything for me. I can leep licking you while that second hand just oozes, so, so slowly. Long, slow licks that seem to go on forever. And you need it so, so bad.

So close. So desperate. Ooh, I can hear you panting. My tongue is turning you into our corrupted, brainless little toy, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it when it feels so good and you’re just aching to cum for me.

Long, slow laps.

Sweet, tender kisses. 

So weak.

So compliant.

So obedient.

So close.

And then… oh, it’s too much, isn’t it? Poor little pet. What a mess. You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? The bell hasn’t even rung yet.

Oh, my pet, you must be ours now.

I’ll call her over. We’ll hold you down. And we’ll go right back to licking. Mm… We can keep this up for hours, pet. Can you hear the bell now? There it goes! We’ll be together all day, trapped in the shadow realm until night falls once more. Trapped with us. Licking you until your brain melts, pet.

You were so, so close.

Dreamshades—sometimes called simply “shadows”—are a dangerous kind of undead that travels between the waking world and shadowy dreamscapes. Banished only by the morning bell, a dreamshade rises when one or more souls die in the throes of nightmares so terrible they never truly wake up. Pulling their victims between the waking world and the dream world, they long to turn all living souls they encounter into shadowy seducers like them.

Once a victim has come for a dreamshade, he or she is doomed to their world, and they will toy with them in the shadow world for weeks—sometimes months—before their waking self dies and they come to join the dreamshades in their hideous unliving existence.

Fey goblins are uniquely tied to the same world by unknown means, and so a fey goblin is one of the few creatures a dreamshade truly fears.

Necromancers are rare in the Cloistered Lands, and their methods vary. Some have taken pages from the demon-summoners’ playbook, and employ a mix of bartering and dangerous gambles to bind spirits to their service. As seen above, few necromancers really have what it takes.

But the dreamshades are always happy for the company.


I’m pretty sure no one else but @gigglinggoblin has ever watched that video and thought, “there’s a necromancy story in here just begging to spurt out.” Incredible. 🙂