mspandpuppy: I’m not sure words can describe how much I enjoy…


I’m not sure words can describe how much I enjoy putting puppy 🐶 in chastity.

I’ve used chastity as a tool for years and I can easily say it is possibly my most enjoyable experience within the context of femdom/DS. So much so, that it’s hard for me to now understand why all women don’t work towards keeping their male partners in chastity 24/7. Honestly, it’s a no-brainer.

Chastity is equally beneficial from both sides. For the woman in charge it is an easy and effective way to assert dominance throughout the entire day. You rob your submissive of the ability to have self pleasure or pleasure from an other source/person. Denial of orgasms is incredibly useful in driving desire and further submission. It is a not-so-subtle reminder that your pleasure always comes first. It’s also an amazing thing to think about in the middle of the day in random moments- you hold the key and they still sit in their little cage. This makes me smile all the time.

For you the bottom, chastity is a constant reminder of your submission to a power greater than you – female authority. It is both subtle and in your face. Your sexuality is no longer your own and you are constantly reminded that the pleasure of your owner comes first and you may or may not receive any satisfaction. The only person that can provide release is the one who holds the key and this pushes you into the position of either submitting further mentally or begging for release. It is both humiliating and a relief that someone other than yourself is in charge. You can finally let go and live to serve your goddess.

I know what I’m talking about.