royb8771: teazdndenied: She had been careful to arrange him…



She had been careful to arrange him ‘just so’ before securing his restraints to her bedposts. Rather than having him fully reclined, she had him propped up comfortably against her headboard, his back resting against an assortment of soft, plush pillows.

She wanted him to be able to watch…. to ensure he was able to see every little thing that she did…. but even more importantly, the things that she didn’t.

And with the ballgag in his mouth not even allowing him the opportunity to beg for her attention, all he could do was look on in agonized frustration…. his mind wondering, “My god, what is with this woman?….. how much longer is she going to make me wait?…. what is she trying to do to me?!…..”

He’d lost track of time long ago…. his thoughts so scrambled he was unsure if he’d been there for minutes… hours… or days. All he knew was that if this woman kept this up much longer surely he would lose his mind.

His bound, parted thighs were quivering from the delicate caresses of her silky fingertips… the gentle kisses of her soft lips…. repeatedly creeping at an excruciatingly slow pace toward where he longed to feel them most….

Inevitably though they would stop…. lingering ever so close…. teasing wickedly all around his cruelly neglected cock…. her seductive provocations making it ache desperately for her attention… yet, he could do nothing more but settle for what she would give him.

He whined in to his gag at the feel of her tongue slowly licking slow lazy circles near the base of his cock…..

He trembled in anticipation when her lips hovered so near where he wanted them most that the warmth of her breath made the tip of his shaft quiver with need….

He whimpered in frustration when she would allow his aching erection to rest gently against the softness of her hand, yet still refused to treat it to the firm, rhythmic strokes he so desperately needed….

And when finally… mercifully… he was certain she was about to take him in to her mouth she instead tilted her head slightly…. evading his needy cock and simply brushed the length of him gently against the softness of her face tears of frustration formed in his eyes.

Now, she had him right where she wanted…. on the verge of breaking…. trapped in a world of stopping…. starting… stopping… starting….. where everything he longed for was agonizingly close, yet still just maddeningly out of reach….

Perhaps eventually she would give him what he wanted… ease his suffering with the relief he so desperately needed…..

But, perhaps not…. perhaps his fate would be to suffer for her amusement… to be forced to watch her give herself the sweet pleasure that would she would deny to him with wicked delight.

All that was certain was that whatever happened would be of her choice…. and that whatever that might be, this man was in for a night that he would never forget.

Omg, that would be amazing