simmer-until: She’s finally embraced my chastity and denial…


She’s finally embraced my chastity and denial fully in the past year. It’s moved beyond acceptance to enthusiasm. I’m incredibly grateful but nervous. She tells me I don’t have a choice. She’s keeping me hers.

On the chastity front, her rule is for me to be unlocked for morning coffee and cuddles. She wants me fully bathed, and served her naked and clean. This gives her full access and complete control. So I’m not in chastity 24/7, but more like 23/7. It also relieves her to see that I am kept completely healthy. She also loves the massive leverage she has over me. She gets the rush of power as the gentlest words and touches generates huge reactions from my mind and body. I can’t hide from her anymore.

She’s treating chastity as a “treat” for me. A reminder of her embrace and constant grip. I’m kept. ??