simmer-until: simmer-until: SpoiledTomorrow marks three weeks since my last full orgasm. She…




Tomorrow marks three weeks since my last full orgasm. She spoiled me in December though.

She let me inside her pussy on the 1st. It had been three month and three weeks since I had last mounted me.

She also directed me to stroke for her on the 3rd. That was my only time masturbating in 2017. I waited 1 year, 3 months and 18 days since the prior time she allowed me to stroke my cock.

She gave me oral sex just twice last year: January and July. I miss that immensely. More than I can describe.

I honestly didn’t expect to grasp my cock and stroke in 2017. She was muted and underwhelmed about the experience watching me. She hasn’t mentioned it since, and I wonder if my 8th orgasm by my own hand since I’ve been under her control… well I wonder if I’ll ever get beyond 10.

With the more recent memories of her glorious pussy and the guilty pleasure of stroking my own cock just a month old, I’m panting thinking about doing that again and writhing about being denied.

I’m leaking like a faucet. Precum is all over my cock and mound. I can feel it cool in the dark.

More often than not, my orgasms are ruined with a fingertip, I’m rarely stroked, and she places me in chastity. My stamina is ruined and she’s enjoying this more and more.

I don’t know what 2018 will bring.

I feel like I’m being spoiled. She edges me so often and graces me with the cage to keep me held, kept secure and snug.

She’s talking about helping me lose weight by denying me if I haven’t worked out in 24 hours. She’s talking about pegging more. She’s becoming comfortable with calling me her “boy” directly. I’m her little creature. She smiles that I’m never sated. Spankings are more frequent and happen just to satisfy her urge.

My chastity got more strict this year, as we stepped down a size. I daydream about getting an even shorter Contender cage or more restrictive Glans Armor. Perhaps something I can only fit into after a full orgasm. Nothing that has any hope of installation aroused. But mornings like this make me realize I’m already in very strict confinement.

I have enough toys. I don’t need more. But she’s willing to spoil me with instense edges, endorphin-filled spankings and incredibly tight chastity.

This morning we were together, in our own bed, and free to play and make whatever noises we wished. She didn’t mark this first occasion of the year with an orgasm for me. Not even a gentle spill, or ruined orgasm.

I got to serve her coffee for the first time in two weeks. She tugged my balls to pull me back into the bed after I poured our coffee. She makes me feel so owned, with minimal effort.

She snuggled and played with everything but my cock. Finally she reached down and edged me until I was wide eyed and about to spill. She pulled her fingers away from my magic spot, wrapped her hand around the back of my head, and pulled me into her breast for comfort.

I was grateful for her touch, her protection and her warmth, but so very desperate.

She says I’m tastier prey when I’m happy (and horny) or nervous. I’m her small bunny, her good boy, and my brain is her favorite part of me.

She wants me to be “free”. Being her bunny is freeing. She wants me to float like a balloon.

Her edging and denial makes me floaty, and I don’t want to be deflated. She knows me. She tells me this.

An orgasm isn’t what I need.

She keeps me happy. She keeps me on that blissful edge.

She got up to pick up my Glans Armor.

“Oh, you didn’t spill at all!”

She pressed it down over my erection. It barely fit. I held it in position as she inserted the PA hook and secured it.

She kissed me sweetly, knowing she’s showing me the love and affection I need.

I’m constantly amazed by her. I’m conflicted about what I want, but she knows what’s best for me.

And so this year begins. With sweet snuggling, submission, edging, denial, and chastity.