submissivegames: i arrived at Her place at 7pm right after…


i arrived at Her place at 7pm right after work.

The text said to go around back.

At the back door was a note and a paper sack.

“Strip, completely, and then put on everything within the sack.

Kneel, knock three times, and wait.”

The backyard was secluded, hidden from the neighborhood, but i was still terrified someone could see …

Still, couldn’t argue with a note.

Inside the sack was my collar and cuffs complete with padlocks, a blindfold, and a leash.

Better to get this done sooner rather than later.

i stripped and put on the accessories, locking them into place, and pulling the blindfold over my eyes.

i knocked three times and waited for what seemed like eternity for the door to open so that i could go inside.

When it finally did i blushed deeply as the laughter rolled over me.

Of course i new She had planned this … but i never imagined that She would invite me over, like this, with Her roommate being home….