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Sure I’m a succubus. But just because your circle failed doesn’t mean I will hurt you.

No – ‘Evil’ is a lot of work. Don’t think about the fact that I could kill you and keep your soul on a charm bracelet.

Think of how happy your friends pretend to be, that you suddenly have this superhot girlfriend.

Think of how it will kill them as I seduce *their* girlfriends, make them dominant, help them enslave your friends.

Think of how as I turn them, I will get stronger, sexier, more powerful.

Think of how tight my grip on you will become. How you’ll be like my lovesick puppy.

Think about how when I have thirteen protosuccubi, I will relieve you of your virginity, and you will become an extension of my will. Aware, conscious, but with no will of your own. 

Think about how your weakness has damned mankind to just that kind of enslavement to us,

Think about all that … and cum …

Oh… it sounds nice

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That’s what you get for opening your presents before Christmas!

Art by Mystic-Touch.

Not helping my mood ?

How did I miss this one baby? ? @ticklish-switch

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Stop complaining! Wasn’t it you who asked me to help you studying? Nearly begging me
to help you to get all those difficult subjects into your brain in so little time, so you won’t fail your classes? Yes, that was you! I warned you… I told you… I have unusual methods! Methods others wouldn’t use, but with less time, we have no other choice than to use them! But I promise you… it will be so effective! *evil smile*

Every mistake… any weakness of yours… means one more agonizing edge by my cute and soft feet that you adore so much! Oh, come on! Stop pretending! I saw how you look at them in class all the time… you are so into them, isn’t that right, you little foot-slut? *giggles*

Don’t worry! I don’t mind it! To tell you the truth it will help us with our mission! You will connect the pleasurable experience with my feet to the studying, and the horniness you feel right now will motivate you to give me the right answers! I will push you to both…
to the limits of pleasure your body can take and to the best marks you have ever received! Just wait and you will see, but keep in mind… you will only be allowed to cum if you live up to my expectations regarding your marks… and you already know by now how hard I am to please, right? *smirks*

So keep in mind that it was you who asked me for help! My help… my rules… so be a good, little boy and study those papers once more, while I prepare the next questions for you! *laughs*

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