onlyshecums: You want to cum four times this month? Well, let’s…


You want to cum four times this month? Well, let’s get them all out of the way right now, then.

“I saw that look of secret disappointment when I assured you I’d let you cum once or even twice a week on average, toy. That’s when I decided they’ll almost always be just like this. All ruined, one after another, each orgasm a clue to how long I’m going to make you wait until I do it all. over. again.

“But it’s only a clue, because I might just do this all over again next weekend!

switch-in-love: 18.06.2017 I decided to end the session by…



I decided to end the session by making my slaveboy painfully cum in chastity cage.

It was very funny. Poor slaveboy.

irresistableteasing: 5 minutes… That was the bet you made with…


5 minutes… That was the bet you made with her. All you have to do is last 5 minutes in her mouth, and she would let you fuck her however you liked. If you spilled before then, she would lock you up for a month

Only 30 seconds have passed of her lips sucking your cock up and down …and you’re already at the edge…

cummingwithconsequences: Both slaves, Shaun and Richmond, were…


Both slaves, Shaun and Richmond, were very wide awake and agonizingly conscious of the automated feathers mercilessly brushing up and down their denied shafts. They had been alone enduring their torture for a few hours when the door to their torture chamber opened. He heard the click of heels as the image of Marjorie, Richmond’s busty mistress, appeared in his vision. “I just couldn’t sleep thinking about you boys all alone down here…so I thought I’d come back down here and keep you boys company! “Unfortunately we have a bit of a problem here.”  Richmond groaned, not liking where this was going.  “Yes you should feel bad, Richmond!” she snapped.  “It looks like Shaun here is beating you in this precum race and I am not happy! Even if by some miracle you win this I am very displeased with your performance so I am certain a lot more…training…will be in order!”  Shaun could see the other boy’s trembling visibly increase. “It’s unfortunate for you too Shaun dear.  You see I put a lot of money down on you losing this little contest and I would really hate to blow my monthly allowance that way.  So what I’m going to need is a bit of an edge…to give Richmond there a little boost as it were. It’s unfair, I know, but since you’re the one all tied down, you’re not really in a position to argue.”  From her purse she took what appeared to be an electric toothbrush.  “New game, baby.” she announced.  “I’ve probably got about 20 minutes before the other girls start stirring so I figure there’s a ten minute window here to push you out of control.  I’m going to pay extra special attention to this poor little cock of yours so I suggest you concentrate and try really, really hard to hang on.”  She lowered her voice to a whisper.  “By the way, I know Grace has a lot of money riding on you as well.  Why she was bragging last night at how well you’re doing. I imagine she’ll be furious if you embarrass her by losing.  I don’t know about you but I sure wouldn’t want to get her mad…especially if I was all tied u and as helpless and vulnerable as you!”  She laughed.  Shaun screamed a muffled protest into the gag.    Oh God no! she couldn’t be serious!   Shaun heard the whine as the brush came to life and he bit down hard on the gag piece filling his mouth, realizing what the wicked beauty was planning to do.  Soon enough she began applying the brush in light circles around his cock head, focusing on the ultra sensitive underside.  Shaun screamed into his gag, every muscle tightened and his eyes firmly clenched.  Tears leaked out from the corners of his eyes and ran down his crimson face.  The brush worked its way down his shaft and over his wrapped testicles.  Marjorie smiled wickedly, humming a tune and reveling in the sight of his hellish struggle. “That’s right; just hang on…practice a little self control!”  The brush returned to his overstimulated corona. “MMRRRRRR!!!” Stooooopohpleeeaseohpleeeaseohpleeease!!!! I can’t stand it!!!! PLEEEEEEASE!!!But the brush whirred on. All the while Shaun howled and writhed, tears coursing down his reddened face while he gibbered and pleaded beneath the tight gag. Shaun realized she was ready to end her little game when she sat down cross legged on the floor and held his straining member firmly in her cool hand while steadily applying the whirling brush in tiny circles around the underside of his cock head.  He screamed into the gag and tried desperately to stop it, hopelessly pleading for her to stop.  “MMF!!MFF!!NNN!!NN!!!”  Marjorie grinned and ever so slightly tightened her grip. “No more practice baby,” she breathed ominously. “This is the real thing so you had best concentrate very hard!”  Nooooo!! Please Marjorie, pleeeease!!! Stop! I don’t think I can hold on much longer!!!”Marjorie smiled at the thrumming struggle of her oh-so-sweetly suffering captive, drinking in his abject terror and helplessness.  She eased the pressure on the brush, now lightly orbiting in agonizing circles around his cock head. She could feel his hardened length twitch in her hands.  “Uh oh.  Are we getting dangerously close? Hold on Shaun baby!  Hold on as if your life depended on it…’cause it probably does!  Just give me two more minutes of control and then I’ll stop, ok?”  “MMRFFNNF!!!” The boy wailed.  She might as well have said five hours as it was doubtful he’d last another thirty seconds. She glanced up and watched his tightly restrained body literally trembling as his orgasm- and subsequent doom- came towards him with the inevitability of a freight train. He felt it building and squealed in desperate terror.  No! No! Oh God, Marjorie, please don’t!!! Please stop! I can’t hold on any longer! Grace will kill me…or worse!!! Pleeeease!!” Marjorie smiled a wicked smile as her unhappy victim’s squeals went up an octave and his feet thrummed frantically against the bonds. “Oh don’t come, Shaun, baby!  You’ve just got to hang on!!  Do you need me to stop?”  He screamed one loud desperate wail…then his whole body went rigid. The boy came in an enormous and burning stream.  Marjorie stepped back and watched him heave and jerk and grunt.  Totally losing control, ropes after ropes of hot denied cum came shooting out of his poor cock.  “Uh oh!” Marjorie purred ominously, carefully putting away her brush.  “It looks like someone has lost my game…big time!  I believe I distinctly warned you not to come, didn’t I?”  She raised an eyebrow and waited for him to look at her with his tear filled, puppy-dog eyes.  “Someone is in big trouble! As I see it my dear, my boy Richmond now has a pretty substantial lead on you now.  More to the point, I might well make a lot of money and your Grace will be the one who’s broke! I guess you just have to lie here and prepare for Grace’s punishment.” Marjorie whispered in his ear, “Don’t tell anyone what I did, OK? Or you will regret it!”  Her laugh echoed through the room as she left, locking the door behind her.

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