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To reply to an ask. Look at this, Anon.

Who says dominating your partner/boy equals needing ‘a bunch of stuff’? Sure, it’s a possibility and almost certain will happen at some point as you both grow in your roles. It is however not required at all.

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Something about this just seems really nice, maybe it’s just the gentle teasing, and it looks caring and not “I’m going to break your balls type of controlling teasin. I really like this stuff. 

Something about this seems nice? Every goddamn thing about this screams amazing! ???

This, for hours and hours. Isn’t that right, babyboy? After all, you are mine to use and abuse however I see fit aren’t you?

What I like most about this is that, when most desperate, humping won’t help at all.

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This was always a watershed moment of sorts for Michelle with a guy. Would he be able to last? Would he be able to withstand the indescribable pleasures her tight, soft, creamy pussy could offer him? Would he willingly suffer the ultimate denial for her?….. for her pleasure?

She’d been working Craig toward this moment now for weeks. First, it was long, sensual evenings when he needed to fight his body’s desperate urges to surrender to her soft hand…. gently stroking him for hours…. learning to accept that now his orgasms would happen only when Michelle allowed them, and not when he felt that he needed them.

Then, when he began to understand and accept what she expected of him, Michelle tested him even further… beginning to also tantalize his quivering cock with long, slow licks of her tongue…. moist, lingering kisses from her lips…. and the maddening sensual suction of her soft, warm mouth. Michelle would make him last for hours…. then ultimately, days… without offering him release…. seeing how willing he was to be the sort of man she needed him to be.

Always, Craig came back for more….. so captivated, ensnared and mesmerized by her that he was willing….. eager…. to endure whatever Michelle asked of him. Tonight though, would be by far his greatest test yet.

Now, with her hips astride his…. her soft pussy capturing Craig’s desperately swollen cock… she rode him at her pace…. the way that she wanted…. using him for her pleasure. Feeling her orgasm approaching she purred sweet words of assurance and encouragement to him.

“Baby yesss….. sooo good…. you’re doing so well….. don’t move baby, don’t move…. I’m almost there….. “

And when her crashing waves of pleasure finally subsided and Michelle gently, carefully lifted herself off of his still swollen…. still desperate…. still aching for release cock… she couldn’t help but smile at the agonized frustration in his moan when Craig felt his quivering cock being released back in to the cool air.

She collapsed down over him… her soft, hot breasts pressing against his chest… her lips touching his ear. In a soft, sultry voice Michelle purred, “Mmm, baby that was sooo good. Just relax for a few minutes….. in a little bit, we’re gonna do that again.”

This is everything I want and more… ??

teazdndenied: “Hands….” Though she’d softly purred only one…



Though she’d softly purred only one word, it was enough to make him whimper in frustration. He knew exactly what it meant. Immediately he drew his hands away from fondling and touching her soft, warm breasts that he loved so much.

Her eyes smoldered with lust as she looked down at him, savoring the way he looked up at her with such desperate longing, his arms now obediently at his sides.

Smirking slightly a moment later she then murmured, “Pillow….”

This time he pleadingly whined, “Baby please??”, though even as he begged he was dutifully tucking his hands behind his head and beneath his pillow. That is exactly where they would remain until she offered her permission.

Now the only way he had of relieving his mounting lust for her was to allow his hips to match the sensual, rolling motion of her own. But that was only until she looked down at him wickedly and instructed, “Still…..”

“My god,” he groaned helplessly, forcing his body to come to a stop. Now, he was nothing but hard, male flesh that was at her mercy. A steely hard cock for her pleasure. And now he could do absolutely nothing to bring about his own release, other than wait for her hot, silky softness that was hungrily tugging and clutching at his cock to send him over the edge.

But as she saw that look on his face, sensed that trembling in his body and realized his release was approaching, she chuckled wickedly and simply said, “No…… wait…..”

Now his fate was sealed. His cock was throbbing and aching…. enveloped in her silky molten pussy…. creamy wetness oozing and dripping around him…. yet now any hope of release had been taken away. Not until she was satisfied. Not unless she said…..


Excuse me, I’ll just… go over here and cool down a bit.

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So…uh…I masturbated via video chat for C today while he touched himself and I’ve never done that before and oMFG IT WAS SO EROTIC AND SEXY AND HOT AND YEAH NOW I TOTALLY GET WHY PEOPLE LIKE THAT SHIT. ??????

Also…yes…I’ve been a bad girl and I fucked up…I obviously strayed from my attempt at not cumming this month. It’s a long story, but I was super stressed and masturbating is a huge stress reliever for me, LOL. So…another time I’ll attempt it. Probably before C comes to visit. ?

Good for you honey!!!!! WOOHOO!!!???? Super Hot!!! ^^ and glad you had fun!!~

Ahhhhh, thank you, @gentlefemdomlass!!! It was super hot…the expression on his face when I played with my tits and later sucked my own juices off my fingers while he watched was P R I C E L E S S.

I felt pretty evil and I loved every minute of it. ?

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tying a boy up is fun but i get butterflies in my stomach when a boy is so good that it’s not necessary. when he’s a shaking, moaning mess but does not try to reach for his cock because he knows it’s not his to do. when it gets too intense and his hand instinctively moves down but he stops himself and lets it drop back on the sheets with a soft whine. when i take his wrists and pin them up above his head, or next to his shoulders, or put his hands on my hips and there’s 0 resistance because he’s so surrendered that all he can do is glance up at me with admiration and blush