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The Male Milker allows for continuous monitoring of the male orgasm cycle during continuous teasing. The system will detect sexual arousal and when it senses an orgasm is close, it delivers a powerful yet safe shock to the base of its balls, prostrate, and brain stem. This has the effect of cutting off the male orgasm and preventing pleasure to it. It does allow the free flow of Pre-Ejaculate from the male. The Male Milker is currently only interested in collecting Pre-cum.

The girls act as a “Teaser”. Their job is to tease the males to produce more Pre-Cum, and to monitor the system meters and lights. They wear different outfits, sit on their faces and do their best to tease the male to produce Pre-Cum. The girls like to get to know their cows and know their fetishes and fantasies to increase production. The goal is to “bounce” the male at the edge of orgasm. The shocks delivered should be just necessary to prevent orgasm but not enough to push him too far down in the cycle. In testing, a male was successfully bounced for around 5 and half minutes. We have been unable to reproduce this as of late.

The Male could theoretically clear his mind and intentionally avoid orgasm. The Male Milker solves this with a Minimum Orgasm Time Limit. If the Male does not orgasm within 2 minutes it gets an audible warning. If the male does not cum within 15 seconds from this warning he will get a Penalty shock. This motivates the male to try and orgasm and penalizes males that try to avoid the milking. The shock he gets from an orgasm cutoff is less severe than a penalty shock so the male is motivated to focus on his Teaser and to try and cum fairly.

The system also automatically detects Male Exhaustion. After several hours on the milking bench, a male may become physically unable to produce pre-ejaculate. The system will automatically give an audible warning and flashing lights to the Teaser Girl that male exhaustion has been reached and further penalty shocks will be needlessly cruel. At this point the male should have the milker removed, a chastity tube locked in place, untied, and returned to a cage for a rest period before future milking’s. The rest period shall be at least 5 hours but not more than 12. It is important for the Milking Slaves to be in Chasity ALL the time. After milking the male is placed into chastity and securely locked.

In this clip, Amadahy violated procedure when she left the male downstairs by itself after exhaustion had been reached. The male suffered several penalty shocks after exhaustion. There were a couple other bugs that need to be worked out. The shocking for some reason kept increasing during the milking. The voltage is drifting upwards. As of now we are not sure why. The males were not significantly affected by the increase voltage.

Brat Princess is very excited about the Male Milker Automated system. We have several more bells and whistles that we are testing right now. The machine has great potential as a gay trainer and a great place for used up financial slaves to be used. They can continue to contribute to their Princesses lifestyle by selling their Pre-Cum. The Pre-Cum from long term chastity slaves can be used in many commercial applications. Some of these include Lip Gloss and Boot Shiners depending on the additives. Check out this clip. It is very interesting. (17:18 long)

Japanese Post Orgasm Torture Blackout

Japanese Post Orgasm Torture Blackout:

Japanese, fake laughter as they use a male masturbation device attached to a reciprocating saw.

I’m pretty sure I’d strain so hard I’d pull a muscle! Might be worth it, though.

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I decided to re-post this one from when @hushpuppy1980 visited recently since it’s been so popular, and since I’ve received several questions on it like “What did you use there?”, and “Where can I find one of those?”, I modified the post a bit (how-to’s and links) to help anyone interested.

Perfect recipe for frustrating a boy who has been locked in chastity and not allowed to cum for over a week:

1.  Lock him in stocks, making sure any ability to move or pleasure his own cock is just out of reach.  (Unfortunately, the stocks are not available anymore from where I got them, although I made a ton of modifications to them anyway.  I may add a post at a later date with a general walk through of how they’re constructed, if there’s enough interest in that…so if you’d like that, shoot me a message and let me know.)

2.  Put clothespins on his nipples to make sure what you’re about to do to his cock doesn’t allow him to cum.  In this case, I chose clothespins that I had lined with the rough side of velcro.  (You can find self-stick velcro at most home improvement store, then just cut to the size of the clothespins.)

3.  Stimulate his dick and balls in various ways (in this case, I used this vibrating bullet, this vibrating bullet, a vibra cup wand attachment with nubs pointing inward toward his dick, and a variable speed vibrating wand attached to the cock sheath and locked in place by an adjustable wand holder so the boy has no chance of shaking it off).

4.  A second vibrating wand strategically placed under the boy’s balls and ass.  The intensity of both wands are adjusted up/down based on how hard the boy gets and how close he is to getting off, to bring him within inches of insanity from not being able to cum.

5.  A few feathers to tickle/tease the boy’s cock, balls, and ass, in addition to everything else going on.

6.  A wall switch to control the power to the vibrating wands so they can be turned on and off instantly.  (In this case, I used that switch many times.  Just as the boy was about to cum…everything stopped.  About a minute  later, everything starts up again with just the flip of a switch that’s out of his reach.)

7.  Tell the boy that he is to tell you when he’s really close, but BEFORE he is about to cum, and that he is NOT to cum without permission.

This boy followed my rules pretty well overall.  At one point, he told me he was about to cum, and he did, before I even got to the switch to stop everything.  The boy was punished with a ruined orgasm, followed by the vibrating wands immediately starting back up.  A ruined orgasm typically makes a boy about 10 times more horny and in need of getting off than he was before the ruined orgasm.  The boy was not allowed to cum for the rest of the week, but was still teased and played with every day of his visit.

And this is the kind of bondage device I’d love to build for my own play space. So very versatile. And portable.

Yum, Mmmmmm

Holy shit!

cagedinchastity: Halfway into their session he felt his orgasm…


Halfway into their session he felt his orgasm quickly building up. His screams muffled by her grinding pussy, the machine kept working his cock way past the point of pleasure. The mechanical sleeve didn’t miss a single beat as it relentlessly stroked his sensitive cock head. Burning pain began to overtake his flesh as waves of agony pulsed through his member. Pretending to remain unaware, Ashley couldn’t help but giggle out of pure joy as she peeked over to the time left.


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Male volunteer needed for sex studies. $50 for one afternoon of your time. Call Jessica at ###-####.

As soon as you read the online ad you call my number immediately. Sex studies? Getting paid $50? This sounded too good to be true. You called me and we set up a time for you to show up at my apartment. I explain to you that I’m doing a study on male orgasms and you can feel your cock getting hard in your pants before I’m even finished speaking. You show up at my place and as I answer the door you look me up and down, checking me out.

“Hi, I’m Jessica. Thank you for volunteering to help me with my studies,” I say as I invite you inside. Your cock is straining against your pants as you start imaging having sex with me and getting paid $50 for the pleasure.

“Hi Jessica. I am looking forward to helping you out in any way you want me to,” you reply as you stare at my ass as I walk. I hand you a glass of water and a little pill. I tell you to swallow it as I need your cock to remain fully hard and erect for the next few hours. You swallow down the pill without question as you start imaging fucking me non stop for hours. I ask you to strip and to follow me into the back room which you do without a seconds hesitation. As we enter the room you see something on a table covered in a white sheet.

“Shouldn’t you be getting naked too Jessica so we can get this sex study started?” you ask me as you stand naked.

“Me naked? Oh no honey there is no need for that. Now would you please stand on this spot against the wall and put your hands behind your back,” I say as I see a somewhat confused look on your face. You do as you are told and you feel me strap restraints around your wrists and then fasten the restraints to the wall.

“I need you to be unable to move for this particular study,” I say before I pull the table closer to you. I pull away the sheet to reveal a flesh light toy attached to some kind of machine. I adjust the height so the toy is at the same height as your cock which is now throbbing hard. I hear you moan a little as I take your cock in my hand as I adjust the machine so the head of your cock is just inside the flesh light. You watch me pull up a chair and I sit down and pick up a remote control. As I turn a dial the flesh light starts to move and slides down your cock. I smile as I hear a moan escape your lips.

“Are you going to make me cum with this thing?” you ask as I let the toy slide on and off your very hard cock. It completely swallows up your cock every time it slides towards you.

“You could say that. Or to be more accurate I’m going to make you cum more times than you realize you are physically capable of cumming,” I say as you realize this sex study is certainly not what you were expecting. “This is a milking machine. When you orgasm your cum is sucked through a tube and pumped into the measuring beaker under the machine,” I say as I slowly increase the speed that the flesh light fucks your cock.

“Oh my god. That feels fucking amazing!“ you groan as I sit and watch the flesh light enveloping your thick cock over and over. My fingers turning the dial on the remote control until the speed is to my liking. I know that your first orgasm won’t take long as I stare at the transparent sex toy watching your cock slide deep inside on every thrust of the machine. Waiting to hear your moans and to see your cum explode from your cock into the toy.

“Are we getting close?” I ask as I look up at you.

“Oh fuck yes! Yes! I’m gonna cum, oh god I’m gonna CUM!” you shout out as I watch your body convulse as you spray jets of your seed into the sex toy, the machine pumping the cum through a tube, then into the measuring beaker. I look down to check the beaker.

“Hmm not bad at all. That was quite a load,” I say as I smile at you. You are still squirming as I turn down the speed on the machine until the sex toy is slowly fucking just the now sensitive head of your cock. Your moans are exactly what I was expecting to hear.

“So is that the experiment done?” you ask me.

“Oh certainly not honey. We have only just begun,” I reply as I slowly start to speed up the machine. You start groaning as you feel your cock being fully enveloped by the sex toy once more. This time I put down the remote and open up my laptop and I start typing. Leaving you restrained and being fucked by my machine. Your cock never had chance to go soft as the sex toy slides back and forth over your cock, your cum helping to lube up the toy even more as your cock is fucked. You look at me as I’m typing, then you close your eyes and your head hangs back slightly. You can feel your cock becoming rock hard once more.

I stop typing as I hear a few soft moans escape your lips and I return to the seat next to you and pick up the remote control.

“We are going to speed things up a little this time,” I say as you watch me turn the dial on the remote. The machine speeds up and suddenly your cock is sliding in and out of the toy much faster. I hear you start to groan louder.

“Look at how hard your cock is and how sexy it looks sliding so deep into my little toy,” I say as I smile up at you. You are staring into my eyes as your breathing gets deeper.

“Are you going to make me cum again Jessica?” you say as you look down at me. You see a naughty little smile cross my face as I hear your question.

“Does that make a difference to you? Wether I tell you if I’m going to make you cum again or not?” I say as you stare longingly at me. The machine thrusting the sex toy on and off your achingly hard cock.

“Yes. Oh god yes it makes a difference. I just want to hear your voice say the words,” you say as you groan. I turn up the dial just a fraction more.

“Look at me. I’m going to make you cum again,” you hear me say and seconds later your whole body tenses and you explode into the sex toy. Jets of cum flooding the slick insides of the toy as it milks your cock over and over. It feels as if every drop of cum from your balls is being sucked down into the tube and into the beaker. I slow down the speed as your orgasm subsides, leaving the machine to slowly slide back forth over your cock head once more. I put down the remote control again and go back to typing on my laptop. You are groaning softly as the sex toy is stimulating your cock head just enough to prevent you from losing your erection.

“I don’t think I’ve got any more cum left. You should probably just turn it off now,” you say.

“We are not done yet and yes you still have cum left,” I respond without looking up from my laptop.

“This last session is going to be a little different though as this is where I have a little fun,” I say as I return to the chair next to you. I turn up the speed again as your cock starts getting enveloped and fucked again by my little machine. Your cock is so sensitive from two huge orgasms that your moans start up immediately. I keep the speed turned up at a frantic pace as your cock is fucked hard and fast. I never slow the speed and after a short while I can see your body responding to your next orgasm building fast. I wait and wait, keeping up the speed as you start to tense up, your cock about to explode once more. The sex toy taking you to the very edge until I suddenly withdraw the toy from your cock. You moan out loud in frustration as all stimulation is removed and your orgasm is denied you at the very last second.

“Oh fuck, please. Don’t stop it. Turn it back on…. please Jessica,” you whimper as I wait just long enough for your cum to drain back into your balls. I use the remote to slide it back over the length of your cock. Your groans start getting louder as I turn up the speed to fuck your cock again. I once again allow you to get to the very edge of cumming before I withdraw the toy from your cock. Your balls are now throbbing with a need to ejeculate but I keep fucking your cock and then withdrawing stimulation again and again. You are now so desperate with the need to cum that start to beg for release.

“Please! Please let me cum Jessica. I can’t take any more. I can’t! Make me cum, please. PLEASE JESSICA DRAIN MY BALLS,” you beg and your words are music to my ears. I let you beg for another few minutes before I finally turn up the speed so your cock is being fucked relentlessly, and this time I don’t withdraw and your whole body convulses in the most intense cum of your life. The sex toy milking your cock and balls, sucking every drop of cum as your body trembles. As your orgasm subsides again I withdraw the sex toy from your shaft and you feel me unfasten the restraints. You stumble forwards on weak legs as I hand you your clothes. I go back to typing as you struggle to dress with your legs still trembling. After you finally dress I stand up and hand you the $50 I promised to pay you. I thank you for your help and show you to the door and I watch you slowly stumble down the hallway with one hand supporting you against the wall. I smile to myself before closing the door on you. I return to my machine and pick up the measuring beaker to check the amount I managed to milk from your balls.

“Hmm that’s quite the amount,” I say to myself as I check the beaker that is almost half full of your cum. I then put the beaker to my lips and tilt my head back as I let your gooey cum fill my mouth and slide easily down my throat ?

I’ve been asked to do a sequel to this story. Any volunteers who would like to be my victim this time around? Give me your name and a good reason why I should include you in the story ?