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Boy gets a little frantic sometimes. Miss loves to watch.

Imagine Miss ordering him to just…. stop. To hold the position, ass up, face down, hands still wrapped around his dick – but don’t. move. a. muscle.

He’d try so hard to obey, wouldn’t he? But it’d be so hard for him to be good. He’d beg her to let him finish.

Would she?

Ok stay with me here



You know clap lights

Clap on clap off clap on etc

How about a game where

Every time I slap you you can start jerking off

But at the next slap you instantly must stop

Hoping for me to smack you again so you can touch your twitching self

And sometimes I’ll do several in a row and fuck you better keep up

And you just kinda hope you’re able to finish before I get bored or it hurts too much

And I can slap any part of you, face, ass, thighs, chest, anything

So it hurts but you’re so so so close

Torn between dreading and craving the pain

Maybe you can beg for one more slap ….


That really does seem like fun.

Interesting spin on the ol red-light green-light game. 🙂

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I love watching him when he strokes himself.

*le sigh*

This looks so damn good. I’m counting up to a year since she’s let me stroke like this for her.

My vow for her to own all my pleasure, the upcoming anniversary of stroking denial, and being locked in steel chastity keeps me good

But damn that’s hot! I’m squirming.

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That’s right, cry for me, babyboy.

Show me how much you need me. Tell me how much it hurts to be denied yet again.

My beautiful boy, if only you knew how wet seeing you this makes me. Oh wait, you do know…

Epic scale

Epic scale:



Another in my irregular posts about being tranced by a quite extraordinary female hypnotist, who I refer to as FH.

I’ve spoken in the past about the level of control FH has over me and how I didn’t think it was possible for her to drop me deeper in trance.

Well, I was wrong. On an epic scale….

A part of me would rather love to go this deep (paging hypnovoyeur)

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3……… 2……………. 1…………………………… <3

“Three…”, I smiled.

His stroking increased. His eyes were already closed.

“Two…”, I continued.

“Mmmmmhhhhh…”, he moaned.

“One…”, I teased.

“Please…please…”, was all he could say.

“Changed my mind. Hands off.”, I grinned.

“Nooooooo-hooooo…”, he whined. Of course he took his hands off but he continued to thrust his hips into the air. Is there anything more cute a boy could do?

“Why the hell do you have to look so beautiful when denied and horny?”, I asked him laughing. “I want to let you cum, I really want to but…”. I kissed his cheek. “Just look at you! How could I destroy that?”

He stared at a point of the wall infront of him. “I. Am. So. Fucking. Horny.”, he said.

I laughed and caressed his chest. “I know. I know. And beautiful, don’t forget ‘beautiful’.”

He smiled.

“Alright.”, I said. “Let’s try again.”

“Mmnnghhh…”, he groaned but grabbed his still fully erected member.

“Stroke it.”, I ordered. He did it.

“Three…”, I began.