My human dildo  ~by Ms Kay





I’m almost exhausted with pleasure.  He’s licked me to three orgasms, and for a moment, my body simply floats.  I am boneless.

The bed shifts and I open my eyes.  He is braced above me, looking down at my face with a smile.  I smile back, and manage to reach up to pull him down for a kiss.  I can smell my pussy on his beard, his mustache.  Good.

He shifts as we kiss and his cock nudges at me.  I ignore it and continue to kiss him.  He begins to lightly rub the length of his cock up and down the crease of my pussy.  He knows he isn’t allowed to put his cock in position without permission, but he also knows that I’m amused by his attempts to seek relief, and so he rubs.  He groans against my mouth and begins to rub more firmly.  I smile against his lips.

He groans again.  “Please,” he begs.

“Please…what?” I ask archly.  I know very well ‘what,’ but I like to make him say it.

“Please let me fuck you,” he says.  “I’ll make it so good for you,” he adds, nudging against me.

“That goes without saying,” I remind him and lift my hips against him.  He shudders and lunges forward to kiss my neck fiercely. 

“I want to fuck you so bad,” he says into my ear.  His voice is guttural with want now.

I laugh and he growls into my neck.  “Please!” he begs, and I decide that yes, I’m ready for him now.

“You may come in…but no thrusting,” I tell him.  He nods, understanding.  I’ve been training him to please me in all the ways I enjoy.

He braces and our eyes meet as his cock pushes past that first resistance and then sinks in.  We both groan this time. I can feel his hips begin to shift and I grab his hair in my fist.  

“NO,” I say sternly.  “You don’t move until I give permission.”

He nods desperately, eyes closed tight in concentration, fighting instinct.  He is panting, his arms shuddering.  His whole body is screaming for him to move, to thrust.  He groans again, but he stays still.

“Look at me,” I command, and he obeys.  Holding his gaze, I clench on his cock, and he gasps.  I do it again, harder, and he pulls out frantically.  He knows that should he come without permission, he would be punished.  To come inside me without permission would be a very, very severe punishment indeed.  It’s been weeks since he’s been allowed to come, and his control is a bit ragged.

He breathes deeply, head down, until he regains control.  I wait.

“Again,” I say, when he’s ready. He eases in and I slap his ass.  “You can move now,” I tell him, and his breath leaves him in a rush as he begins, finally, to thrust. He leans down to nuzzle my cheek, and we smile into each other’s eyes in the midst of it all.

As he finds the angle and rhythm that pleases me, his thrusts grow stronger. I catch my breath. He’s so good.

“What are you?” I ask.

“Your dildo,” he moans, and thrusts faster. It excites him to be used, to be a thing.

“Would you like to come?” I whisper into his ear.  I can feel yet another orgasm rolling toward me.

“Oh god, yes,” he says, and his thrusts increase in tempo.

“No,” I say.  “You don’t get to come. This is for me.  Now make me come, ‘dildo’.”

And oh, he does.

~Ms Kay

Sex toys don’t come.


Oh fuck, this is hot. @triggersnaps

“Earlier this week you had complained that it felt like…

“Earlier this week you had complained that it felt like your cock was going to burst through the cage and I said I’d help with that this weekend. Now that you’re helpless, I might as well tell you: My planned “help” was going to be punishment for complaining but as I look back on the week I realize that maybe you were just worried? After all, you’ve otherwise been not only been good but have exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy with you, and I certainly don’t want you to have any troubling doubts. If you’re concerned, I want you to feel free to come to me about anythying, knowing we’ll work it out together!

“So, rather than punish you, we’re going make absolutely sure that any fears of bursting through your cage are completely put to rest. Today, you’re going to tell me what gets your cock absolutely rock hard, and over the next week or two we’ll prove to you that your cock is absolutely safe and secure.”

minasbitch: So it has been one week into permanent chastity and…


So it has been one week into permanent chastity and there have been so many thoughts running through my head! There have been so many questions, comments, congratulations, and also a general concern about what must be my mandatory MRI that people assume I will need. Thanks for the outpouring of support! 🙂

I thought I would share a bit more about our relationship and how that works with the permanent chastity. There is a general question I get a lot of;

“If you are permanently locked how will your keyholder control you?”

In a typical keyheld relationship the control is exerted through the key. So if this were the case then it would kill the relationship dynamic. E.g. If you do this I will let you out and give you a ruined orgasm. We are married and in a Master slave dynamic relationship. So she asserts control in anyway she deems fit. Sometimes through rewards, sometimes through punishments. So although it was sometimes fun for her to hold the key over me it was not integral to our interaction and never her style anyways. One of her favorite things, reveling and laughing at me in a predicament, she can definitely still enjoy as it is one hell of a predicament!

So how does permanent chastity work for the MS dynamic?

Being in chastity keeps me in a submissive, slave headspace. Normally when I would orgasm I lose the headspace, get sub drop, be depressed, and not be nice in general. Then it takes a couple of weeks for all the chemicals in the brain to build back up and then I am back in the right headspace that she wants.

So she has decided that I will not orgasm anymore.

From my perspective what is scary is that as I get deeper into the submissive headspace and the more of a slave/painslut I become, that eventually there would normally be an orgasm and a release. Now when that thought is crossing through my head, I realize there is no escape or release by orgasm of these submissive feelings. Which of course just sends me deeper into the slave mindset.

I have never felt more connected and happy in our MS lifestyle than I have since we made the chastity device permanent!


Permanent chastity isn’t for me IRL but wow it is a very hot idea!

The precum, the twitching, the smell of a desperately aroused…

The precum, the twitching, the smell of a desperately aroused cock, the moans… they drove her wild. Slowly teasing him was one of her favorite ways to relax, except she had to keep control of herself or else he’d cum too quickly. She never let him know it but she never let him cum on purpose, and it felt delightfully wicked to feel his anticipation and hope surge and fall in waves when even she didn’t know when he’d cum.

That was months ago. Now that they have a chastity belt that he’s adjusted to, and she is finally liberated. She can get just all the precum, twitching, smell of a desperately aroused cock, and moans she likes, for as long as she likes, all without having to hold back, without having to think and watch him to prevent letting him cum too soon, even when she firmly presses her tongue against the exposed slit and licks back and forth for much longer than he can stand.

Goon Update 3



I still haven’t cum. I can’t believe it. Today marks 24 days. I’ve never denied myself for so long.

This past week I’ve had no time for a proper goon session and mnmghh I fucking need one. I work 50 hours a week, I’ve been busy both weekends, I’ve been out and about constantly.. my cock is crying for attention.

I wake up and I’m compelled to edge for a while. I’ve been edging in every shower for the past week. I can’t control it. When I go to bed I still play with my cock and frustrate myself to crazy levels until I’m not bothered or I fall asleep. Sometimes when I come home from work I just sit on my bed for a few minutes (ends up longer..) with my hand down my pants while checking my Tumblr.

My balls are fucking solid. So heavy and achy. They have this subtle resting ache that constantly reminds me of how full and horny I am. This morning in the shower I slapped them fast and continuously while holding my rock hard cock until I reached the edge. Holy shit was that amazing. Ball slap edging? Wtf?! Mmngh. I think the water softens the blow, but it also amplifies the sound.. altogether combining into a really stimulating slap. The sound makes your brain think it’s alot more pleasurable and it genuinely increases the pleasure. I can slap much harder than when I’m not in the shower too and it feels amazing. I’ve sort’ve grown fond of slapping my balls occassionally when masturbating now.

Whenever I go for a pee, I realize Im holding my dick. This instantly triggers the craving to start gooning unghh. I got my dick in my hand and I can’t even goon? Mnghh. The frustration. I’ll end up massaging it or my balls for a few seconds just to alleviate the rush of arousal that comes. It feels sooo good.

As usual, I’m still helping others goon and I’m still being bombarded in my inbox with porn and hypno and goon instructions and it drives me fucking wild. It’s such a fucking turnon and all this denial makes it an instant slam of pleasure. I love it. Tits trigger me like crazy.

I love being this horny. My alpha side rips through sometimes too and I’m itching to tie a sub up and play with her until she’s gooned out into oblivion. The urge to fuck her until her eyes roll back and she can’t do nothing besides mumble from all the pleasure. Give her pussy my utmost attention, learn everything about her pleasure centres and drive her insane. Make her edge and edge until she can’t think.. mngh. Love reciprocating this feeling.

Everything from my first two goon updates still applies. My cock dances all day. Random thoughts trigger super hard boners. Random leaks that i can feel from my balls all the way to the tip of my cock.

God I can’t fucking wait to have a proper goon session.. it’s just been way too long. I assume I’m busy this weekend too.. the frustration is real.

I want to please a woman so bad. I want to goon for her and I want her to deny me until my mind is a wreck. I’m already a wreck. I need to be more wrecked. I’m craving for a woman to tease me until I can’t think. Tie me up and edge me and make me beg to never cum.. mnggh. My fantasies keep slipping out.

Once again, I can’t believe I’ve reached 24 days. I’ve always told myself 2 weeks max. I guess that’s out the window. I don’t even want to cum anymore. Im just extremely desperate to and I loveeee the desperation. I love the shivering wave of pleasure that comes with such an effortful denial of my own orgasm.

I don’t want to stop. I love this teasing. I love the frustration. I love edging. I love denial. I love gooning. Mmnnghh.

@igoonforyou You’re killing me this is o fucking sexy, I can’t believe it’s been 24 days, now I have to edge 24 more times each hour, fuuuuck this is going to drive me insane, keep going, keep going, keep those balls full of cuuuuum!!!