What’s a hypno fantasy of yours?

Flavor of the day:

Step 1: Hypnotize an adorable boy so that whenever he sees a picture or a display or any sort of visual that he finds hot or sexy or attractive, (as long as it’s not a random person, staring is rude) he’ll feel compelled to stop and stare at it, and the longer he stares at it the more warm and aroused it makes him, and the more aroused he is the more that arousal pushes his thoughts away and he just goes blank and fuzzy and hazy. And when I give his head or back a skritch and ask him what he’s looking at, he’ll come back to reality and say “oh, nothing”, unaware that time passed, unaware that I noticed, and keep moving along, mind completely back but ready to go even deeper the next time.

Step 2: Take said boy to the mall. Go dress and lingerie shopping.

Step 3: Enjoy.