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Ashley loved the sounds her boyfriend made when she did this to him. The whimpers…. the whines…. the adorable, desperate pleading.

“Baby please, I’m begging you…… please take it in your mouth?… please lick it?….. touch it?…. something?….. anything?!?”

She smiled and softly taunted, “Relax sweetie, we’re not in a hurry….. you’ll get there…. eventually. You know that sooner or later this is gonna be more than your poor cock can handle…. it always is, isn’t it baby?”

“Oh god,” he groaned, well aware of exactly what she had in store for him.

Ashley allowed her lips, her tongue, her mouth to continue sensually ravishing and pleasuring his balls…. taking extra care to ensure his needy, frustrated cock would not feel as much as even one accidental caress from her tongue…. not one soothing stroke from her fingertips.

Ultimately, he would cum….. sort of, and it would be solely from the intense pleasures she was inflicting upon his heavy sensitive balls. But, the journey for him to get there would be one that would be wickedly slow and maddeningly frustrating.

With her soft, lusty purrs Ashley would take her time…. working him at a pace designed to put his heavy aching balls on a slow burn…. one that would build such utter desperation in him that eventually it would be too much for him. His untouched cock would simply begin twitching, spasming, drooling…. a brief instant of ecstatic pleasure, followed by nothingness and frustration… his voice pleading for her attention so that his orgasm could be unleashed and completed.

But even then Ashley would simply watch… smile… not offering the relief of even one soft trace of her fingertip along his pleading shaft. Instead she would gaze with amusement at the sight of his helpless cock twitching and bobbing, frantically trying to explode… to find a way to unleash all of the pent-up cum trapped in his balls as a result of what her soft tongue and warm mouth had just done to them.

And when that moment arrived today her boyfriend pleaded desperately for mercy, for her to suck it… stroke it…. touch it…. anything to make it explode, rather than this maddening untouched torture he was feeling from his cock not being able to truly, completely erupt. Ashley though simply watched with smoldering lust, waiting calmly.

As she knew it would, eventually the frantic twitching of his cock died down, and his hopelessness sunk in. She gazed at his still swollen, heavy cock with a sympathetic pout, his ruined, unfulfilling orgasm having done little to ease the fullness of his erection. “Aww, poor baby…. what’s the matter?”, she cooed sweetly when he let out a long, pitiful, tormented whimper of frustration.

“Did you not get it all out, sweetie?…. hmm?…. are these still full and achy?,” she asked innocently. Gently, she cradled his balls in her fingertips, fighting back a smirk at their fullness and weight.

“Oh honey, I don’t think you got rid of very much at all,” she remarked in mock surprise. Looking up at him she added, “… but don’t worry baby, it’ll be ok. We’ll try again…. I bet maybe next time you’ll be able let out more?”

And with that Ashley purred seductively and nuzzled back in to him…. gently drawing one of his warm, aching balls back in to the softness of her mouth, and once again she began to sensually… gently…. lavish it with the swirling of her tongue and softness of her mouth…. smiling at her boyfriend’s moan of frustration as he realized she was far from finished with him.

❤️❤️ Babyboy ❤️❤️

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Spilled One Pearly Drop

“Is it ok that you spilled a little bit? It was just one pearly drop.”

I was reeling from her gentle but electric edges. My cock was rock hard but my mind was knackered from such intensity. She was taunting me.

I nodded that it was ok. Suddenly my mind leaped up and I held her hand. I found my voice.

“Do you want me to cum?” I was both hopeful and feeling generous. As if I was denying her.

Her adorable cheeks bunched up in a smile as her head shook.

“No. You don’t have to cum.”

She enjoys me like this.

“I should record all the noises you make, and create an aria from them. You’re like a wine-glass.”

She circled her fingertip around in mid air, as if she were playing a harmonium.

I swooned and she laughed at my reaction.

She swung me around and spooned me, holding me closely and proclaimed


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You want to cum four times this month? Well, let’s get them all out of the way right now, then.

“I saw that look of secret disappointment when I assured you I’d let you cum once or even twice a week on average, toy. That’s when I decided they’ll almost always be just like this. All ruined, one after another, each orgasm a clue to how long I’m going to make you wait until I do it all. over. again.

“But it’s only a clue, because I might just do this all over again next weekend!

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Pussy ruin

I love to ruin my boy’s orgasm by fucking him with my pussy! I know how much he loves that feeling, so so doing that to him is the most frustrating feeling he can imagine! Oh how I love to be mean! 🙂

Thank you nemoxv for the amazing gif!