Craving The Cage


I’ve been locked in chastity for 84 of the last 101 days. I truly crave the feeling now. I kissed her sweetly and thanked her for choosing to lock me in my snuggest little Contender cage. This was after a few intense edges for me, and a slow touch-less pouring out. It was a perfect ruin that kept me rock hard. I watched myself spill several seconds after her last touch. Her hand was gently squeezing my balls as she spooned me. We struggled to get me back into my cage. The tight cage audibly popped over my bulging glans. It took a while for my shaft to relax and get half soft so she could press fit the cage and fasten it to the tight base ring. But she looked so pleased with herself afterwards.

She was impressed. She was literally glowing at her own skills and general awesomeness. She was doing a cute little smug dance after I was all caged up. She says that tease and denial keeps me “happy”, and my hard edges and orgasm-less spills keep me “healthy”.

One of my mentors doesn’t like chastity belts because she wants that continual submission that chastity devices take away, and my thought was “… but it’s hot!”

As I read @simmer-until I realize that if you accept that there are safewords, that continual submission can come easier yet in some ways is more profound.

simmer-until: My wife just gave me several ruins, with the last…


My wife just gave me several ruins, with the last one spilling over untouched. Then a massive mental orgasm came upon me. I had so much stored up that I gave out one single spurt, and my brain just went into a panic if seemed.

I needed a climax, so my excitement carried me over as she hovered her hand away from touching me.

She’s been ignoring my glans for over three weeks now. It tingles and I’m desperate for some attention there. But all she gives me is a few fingers on my frenum to bring me to the edge.

I’d adore a good firm stroking like this. Even if she ruins me. I’m a bit jealous.

I’m to the point where I’m not even fully hard and I’m feeling like I’m about to spill over. I can’t take even the slightest bit of attention without swooning.

She’s completely owning me now.

She locked me back up in chastity and I immediately got an erection with the tight base ring. It’s almost in protest. But really I’m not “sated” by several spills and a touchless climax.

I need more. I want more. I am always hungry and she tells me that’s good for me. She keeps me healthy and happy.

I’m so wrapped up in her..

simmer-until: Spilled One Pearly Drop“Is it ok that you spilled a little bit? It was just one…


Spilled One Pearly Drop

“Is it ok that you spilled a little bit? It was just one pearly drop.”

I was reeling from her gentle but electric edges. My cock was rock hard but my mind was knackered from such intensity. She was taunting me.

I nodded that it was ok. Suddenly my mind leaped up and I held her hand. I found my voice.

“Do you want me to cum?” I was both hopeful and feeling generous. As if I was denying her.

Her adorable cheeks bunched up in a smile as her head shook.

“No. You don’t have to cum.”

She enjoys me like this.

“I should record all the noises you make, and create an aria from them. You’re like a wine-glass.”

She circled her fingertip around in mid air, as if she were playing a harmonium.

I swooned and she laughed at my reaction.

She swung me around and spooned me, holding me closely and proclaimed


simmer-until: She’s finally embraced my chastity and denial…


She’s finally embraced my chastity and denial fully in the past year. It’s moved beyond acceptance to enthusiasm. I’m incredibly grateful but nervous. She tells me I don’t have a choice. She’s keeping me hers.

On the chastity front, her rule is for me to be unlocked for morning coffee and cuddles. She wants me fully bathed, and served her naked and clean. This gives her full access and complete control. So I’m not in chastity 24/7, but more like 23/7. It also relieves her to see that I am kept completely healthy. She also loves the massive leverage she has over me. She gets the rush of power as the gentlest words and touches generates huge reactions from my mind and body. I can’t hide from her anymore.

She’s treating chastity as a “treat” for me. A reminder of her embrace and constant grip. I’m kept. ??

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I love watching him when he strokes himself.

*le sigh*

This looks so damn good. I’m counting up to a year since she’s let me stroke like this for her.

My vow for her to own all my pleasure, the upcoming anniversary of stroking denial, and being locked in steel chastity keeps me good

But damn that’s hot! I’m squirming.



My stamina has been steadily ruined. A vast majority of the orgasms she gives me are minimized. Some are ruined. But what I used to call ruined, I now treat as a full orgasm. When she chooses to continue touching me – even slightly – as I pour out, I will climax.

After a touch-less ruined orgasm three weeks ago, she decided to feel my cock inside her. It was post orgasm torture. My glans rarely feels friction anymore. My nerves felt prickly with overly electric stimulation. It was more painful than enjoyable. She was happy to feel my hard shaft inside her after making me spill. And she was smug about overwhelming my mind as I pounded into her after being emptied of cum.

This has become a rare treat. Her preference are gentle and slight caresses. She’s transferred her attention to my ears, throat and nipples. I rarely am invited into her delicious lips or heavenly pussy now.

She used to draw out my releases. But a few days ago, she gave me another quiet, gentle, and nearly ruined orgasm… but quickly this time. I’m so on edge that I spilled over much sooner than I ever used to. I felt only the brush of her fingers on my over-sensitized frenum, while her lips sucked my nipple. My shaft and glans are ignored. Stroking or head play is not expected. What I expect is her diddling my magic spot. She had swirled her fingers around my ear, teasing me.

I’ve been hinting that we could switch things up and I could be inside her more, but she is continuing with ever gentler sensations and an increasingly sole focus on my frenum. My orgasms are more mental and emotional, and my entire body writhed and arches.

I’m kept fun to play with. I keep sunny and grateful for the gifts she gives me.

simmer-until: handdom: Milking Him Until He Leaks Cum I adored…



Milking Him Until He Leaks Cum

I adored watching this. I think I may have stroked, edged and cum to this video years ago. Now I just watch in jealousy. Video porn doesn’t have the appeal it used to, now that I no longer masturbate.

It’s funny. I will quickly scroll past images of men stroking themselves now. But this. Unffff.

This gets me. A large girthy cock, helpless. And a woman’s beautiful smile at the level of her control.