tantalistsociety: In the beginning it’s understood that you…


In the beginning it’s understood that you should feel some sympathy toward your partner. However, once enough time has passed you will become more comfortable in your position as tormentor to the point you will relish in delight in your tantalist’s suffering, after all, that is why they exists.

undeadhardcandy: I wanna be sitting at a glory hole, tools at my side, waiting for someone to put…


I wanna be sitting at a glory hole, tools at my side, waiting for someone to put their cock through the hole. I’ll coax them to pull their balls through, then after getting them nice and hard with my mouth, lock something around them so they can’t pull out, tight enough to keep them hard. Then I begin. 

I’d tease his cock with a feather, til it was drooling, telling him he has to be quiet, he doesn’t want to attract attention does he? How humiliating would that be? And maybe the wrong person would come in, would want to make his torment worse, better not risk it~

I think I’d really wanna push him, maybe have a violet wand with me, to trace along his cock, use a vibrator to tease and overstimulate him. God, I could do this for hours.

But I mean, I’d let him come eventually. If he was a good boy I’d even let him enjoy the orgasm, instead of ruining it. But then, I’d continue. Tickling and stroking his balls, maybe tape a bullet vibe to the head of his cock, and run the violet wand over his shaft. The binding around his cock and balls would keep him nice and hard, so I could tease and torture him, make him come over and over, as much as I want. 

Ssshhh don’t scream, someone might hear you. You’re so vulnerable, I’ll let you go when I’m good and ready. Good boy <3

It’s so weird when others independently post that they want to do something I’ve fantasized about so much that I’ve even previously posted about it.

And her tone in her fantasy is perfect!

dirtythingsthatturnmeonposts: My babyboy.. My beautiful,…


My babyboy..

My beautiful, beautiful babyboy..

How I wish you were here right now.. Am so incredibly hungry for you..

I long for your body next to mine. I long to see and feel your manhood grow under my affection.

I long to taste that sweet precum of yours. To edge you to the brink of insanity in search of every possible drop.

I long to hear your broken, pleading moans. Partly a plea to finally let you cum, partly a plea to never ever stop edging you.

I long to kiss you. Both you and your beautiful cock who I love so much.

I long to watch you come undone. I can’t, and never will, get enough of seeing you fall apart when you finally do get to climax.

My babyboy..

My beautiful, beautiful babyboy..

To the moon, and back. ❤

dirtythingsthatturnmeonposts: teazdndenied: Ashley loved the…



Ashley loved the sounds her boyfriend made when she did this to him. The whimpers…. the whines…. the adorable, desperate pleading.

“Baby please, I’m begging you…… please take it in your mouth?… please lick it?….. touch it?…. something?….. anything?!?”

She smiled and softly taunted, “Relax sweetie, we’re not in a hurry….. you’ll get there…. eventually. You know that sooner or later this is gonna be more than your poor cock can handle…. it always is, isn’t it baby?”

“Oh god,” he groaned, well aware of exactly what she had in store for him.

Ashley allowed her lips, her tongue, her mouth to continue sensually ravishing and pleasuring his balls…. taking extra care to ensure his needy, frustrated cock would not feel as much as even one accidental caress from her tongue…. not one soothing stroke from her fingertips.

Ultimately, he would cum….. sort of, and it would be solely from the intense pleasures she was inflicting upon his heavy sensitive balls. But, the journey for him to get there would be one that would be wickedly slow and maddeningly frustrating.

With her soft, lusty purrs Ashley would take her time…. working him at a pace designed to put his heavy aching balls on a slow burn…. one that would build such utter desperation in him that eventually it would be too much for him. His untouched cock would simply begin twitching, spasming, drooling…. a brief instant of ecstatic pleasure, followed by nothingness and frustration… his voice pleading for her attention so that his orgasm could be unleashed and completed.

But even then Ashley would simply watch… smile… not offering the relief of even one soft trace of her fingertip along his pleading shaft. Instead she would gaze with amusement at the sight of his helpless cock twitching and bobbing, frantically trying to explode… to find a way to unleash all of the pent-up cum trapped in his balls as a result of what her soft tongue and warm mouth had just done to them.

And when that moment arrived today her boyfriend pleaded desperately for mercy, for her to suck it… stroke it…. touch it…. anything to make it explode, rather than this maddening untouched torture he was feeling from his cock not being able to truly, completely erupt. Ashley though simply watched with smoldering lust, waiting calmly.

As she knew it would, eventually the frantic twitching of his cock died down, and his hopelessness sunk in. She gazed at his still swollen, heavy cock with a sympathetic pout, his ruined, unfulfilling orgasm having done little to ease the fullness of his erection. “Aww, poor baby…. what’s the matter?”, she cooed sweetly when he let out a long, pitiful, tormented whimper of frustration.

“Did you not get it all out, sweetie?…. hmm?…. are these still full and achy?,” she asked innocently. Gently, she cradled his balls in her fingertips, fighting back a smirk at their fullness and weight.

“Oh honey, I don’t think you got rid of very much at all,” she remarked in mock surprise. Looking up at him she added, “… but don’t worry baby, it’ll be ok. We’ll try again…. I bet maybe next time you’ll be able let out more?”

And with that Ashley purred seductively and nuzzled back in to him…. gently drawing one of his warm, aching balls back in to the softness of her mouth, and once again she began to sensually… gently…. lavish it with the swirling of her tongue and softness of her mouth…. smiling at her boyfriend’s moan of frustration as he realized she was far from finished with him.

❤️❤️ Babyboy ❤️❤️

mistresslucidavis: teazdndenied: This was always a watershed…



This was always a watershed moment of sorts for Michelle with a guy. Would he be able to last? Would he be able to withstand the indescribable pleasures her tight, soft, creamy pussy could offer him? Would he willingly suffer the ultimate denial for her?….. for her pleasure?

She’d been working Craig toward this moment now for weeks. First, it was long, sensual evenings when he needed to fight his body’s desperate urges to surrender to her soft hand…. gently stroking him for hours…. learning to accept that now his orgasms would happen only when Michelle allowed them, and not when he felt that he needed them.

Then, when he began to understand and accept what she expected of him, Michelle tested him even further… beginning to also tantalize his quivering cock with long, slow licks of her tongue…. moist, lingering kisses from her lips…. and the maddening sensual suction of her soft, warm mouth. Michelle would make him last for hours…. then ultimately, days… without offering him release…. seeing how willing he was to be the sort of man she needed him to be.

Always, Craig came back for more….. so captivated, ensnared and mesmerized by her that he was willing….. eager…. to endure whatever Michelle asked of him. Tonight though, would be by far his greatest test yet.

Now, with her hips astride his…. her soft pussy capturing Craig’s desperately swollen cock… she rode him at her pace…. the way that she wanted…. using him for her pleasure. Feeling her orgasm approaching she purred sweet words of assurance and encouragement to him.

“Baby yesss….. sooo good…. you’re doing so well….. don’t move baby, don’t move…. I’m almost there….. “

And when her crashing waves of pleasure finally subsided and Michelle gently, carefully lifted herself off of his still swollen…. still desperate…. still aching for release cock… she couldn’t help but smile at the agonized frustration in his moan when Craig felt his quivering cock being released back in to the cool air.

She collapsed down over him… her soft, hot breasts pressing against his chest… her lips touching his ear. In a soft, sultry voice Michelle purred, “Mmm, baby that was sooo good. Just relax for a few minutes….. in a little bit, we’re gonna do that again.”

This is everything I want and more… ??

Craving The Cage


I’ve been locked in chastity for 84 of the last 101 days. I truly crave the feeling now. I kissed her sweetly and thanked her for choosing to lock me in my snuggest little Contender cage. This was after a few intense edges for me, and a slow touch-less pouring out. It was a perfect ruin that kept me rock hard. I watched myself spill several seconds after her last touch. Her hand was gently squeezing my balls as she spooned me. We struggled to get me back into my cage. The tight cage audibly popped over my bulging glans. It took a while for my shaft to relax and get half soft so she could press fit the cage and fasten it to the tight base ring. But she looked so pleased with herself afterwards.

She was impressed. She was literally glowing at her own skills and general awesomeness. She was doing a cute little smug dance after I was all caged up. She says that tease and denial keeps me “happy”, and my hard edges and orgasm-less spills keep me “healthy”.

One of my mentors doesn’t like chastity belts because she wants that continual submission that chastity devices take away, and my thought was “… but it’s hot!”

As I read @simmer-until I realize that if you accept that there are safewords, that continual submission can come easier yet in some ways is more profound.

softandsquishygfd: Favorite day off activity: browsing tumblr whilst impaled on my dildo, idly…


Favorite day off activity: browsing tumblr whilst impaled on my dildo, idly rocking and bouncing when I see something especially titillating. Idle masturbation until my speed gradually increases, and all I want is a whiny, needy boy beneath me, begging to cum inside mommy’s wet heat she’s been teasing him with for hours.
One day, I’ll spend a day off sitting on my boy, his cock inside me as I slowly rock and grind, scrolling through my tumblr, laughing and moaning, ignoring my boy’s pleads to fuck me. Because he’s my toy, and mommy’s busy.

“Earlier this week you had complained that it felt like…

“Earlier this week you had complained that it felt like your cock was going to burst through the cage and I said I’d help with that this weekend. Now that you’re helpless, I might as well tell you: My planned “help” was going to be punishment for complaining but as I look back on the week I realize that maybe you were just worried? After all, you’ve otherwise been not only been good but have exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy with you, and I certainly don’t want you to have any troubling doubts. If you’re concerned, I want you to feel free to come to me about anythying, knowing we’ll work it out together!

“So, rather than punish you, we’re going make absolutely sure that any fears of bursting through your cage are completely put to rest. Today, you’re going to tell me what gets your cock absolutely rock hard, and over the next week or two we’ll prove to you that your cock is absolutely safe and secure.”

teazdndenied: “Hands….” Though she’d softly purred only one…



Though she’d softly purred only one word, it was enough to make him whimper in frustration. He knew exactly what it meant. Immediately he drew his hands away from fondling and touching her soft, warm breasts that he loved so much.

Her eyes smoldered with lust as she looked down at him, savoring the way he looked up at her with such desperate longing, his arms now obediently at his sides.

Smirking slightly a moment later she then murmured, “Pillow….”

This time he pleadingly whined, “Baby please??”, though even as he begged he was dutifully tucking his hands behind his head and beneath his pillow. That is exactly where they would remain until she offered her permission.

Now the only way he had of relieving his mounting lust for her was to allow his hips to match the sensual, rolling motion of her own. But that was only until she looked down at him wickedly and instructed, “Still…..”

“My god,” he groaned helplessly, forcing his body to come to a stop. Now, he was nothing but hard, male flesh that was at her mercy. A steely hard cock for her pleasure. And now he could do absolutely nothing to bring about his own release, other than wait for her hot, silky softness that was hungrily tugging and clutching at his cock to send him over the edge.

But as she saw that look on his face, sensed that trembling in his body and realized his release was approaching, she chuckled wickedly and simply said, “No…… wait…..”

Now his fate was sealed. His cock was throbbing and aching…. enveloped in her silky molten pussy…. creamy wetness oozing and dripping around him…. yet now any hope of release had been taken away. Not until she was satisfied. Not unless she said…..


Excuse me, I’ll just… go over here and cool down a bit.



When she found the rope under my bed
And said she wasn’t into being tied up
I felt embarassed
Stupidly I felt disappointed
Stupidly I missed the nuance
In her voice
And the subtle mocking tone
And it came as a surprise
A complete surprise
When she rendered me helpless
When she spread me vulnerable
When she used my own rope
To bind me as a pro
To ratchet up my arousal
To work me to my highest intensity
And lock me there
With knots and cinches
And swollen purple balls
And fingernails dragged
And nipples crushed and twisted
And my mouth
Drowning in her juices
And my tongue
Swimming in her juices
And my cock
And my cock pleading
And her mouth mocking
And her mouth teasing
And her mouth laughing

teazdndenied: Michael cringed sympathetically at what he saw…


Michael cringed sympathetically at what he saw when he glanced out his window. The two girls who’d just moved in across the street a week ago appeared to be unloading an SUV full of….. Ikea furniture boxes.

May god have mercy on their souls………..

With nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon Michael thought to himself, “Why not be a good neighbor?” Ok, to be fair, Michael was more than a little enamored with both of them, but hey….. it would still be a good deed, even if in the process he would hopefully be ingratiating himself with both of them, right?

Well, it sounded right to him anyway. And, he had nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon. So, he made his way across the street and gentlemanly offered them his services.

The two girls looked at one another and appeared to share a bit of a grin. Turning their attention back to him, they then gratefully accepted his invitation. In no time the three of them were in full production mode, opening boxes…. sorting pieces…. taking hardware inventory…. then following along with the smiling little cartoon Swedish men until the task at hand was completed.

Over and over they repeated this process, box after box, until eventually…. almost magically… the assortment of thin heavy boxes had been transformed into a bedroom full of furniture. Amazing.

Now, ready to call it a day Michael saw the two girls share that same smile he’d noticed earlier that day. Perhaps these smiles though seemd a bit more…. mischievous? The sort of smiles that left a guy feeling like they knew something that he did not………..

He found himself feeling slightly unnerved, his gaze going back and forth between them as they slowly approached him…. each of them speaking to him in a tone of voice that seemed noticeably different to Michael.

“It was really sweet of you to offer to help us today…..”

“Mmm hmm, to spend your entire Saturday……”

“We never could have got all of this finished today without you sweetie……”

“…. and, we’d really like to repay you.”

Now, Michael’s heart was beating faster…. his mind whirring… and he was suddenly quite certain that the furniture production portion of the day had now concluded. The next words he heard came in a sultry whisper, a soft tongue and warm breath sensually teasing his ear.

“Ever been tied up before baby?……..”

His eyes glazed over as he whimpered in disbelief, the room now spinning even more. Then, a soft mouth was softly kissing and sucking his other ear, offering more whispers.

“Ever been with two women?……….”

More alternating whispers…. more invitations…. moist tongues and soft lips nuzzling his ears…. delicate fingertips tracing along his neck…

“Ever surrender completely, Michael?……”

“Ever been totally…. completely….. helpless?……”

Michael could barely breathe, much less speak or think. And now the voices were becoming more wicked…. more persistent…. drawing him in deeper….. the whispers becoming less like invitations and more like voices simply telling him of his fate…

“We want to play with you Michael….. we want to do things to you……….”

“We want to make you hot……… make you hard…..”

“We want you to feel what it’s like when we share your cock……”

“Want to baby?….. hmm?…. will you let us tie you up and share your cock for as long as we like?……..”

Somehow Michael managed to exhale and groan, “Yesss….. god yesss… please yesss!….”


Now, nearly an hour later his cock felt more agonizingly swollen than it had ever been in his life. His balls were heavy and aching, and if he felt their soft tongues bring him to the brink one more time, only to abandon him and leave him whimpering in frustration he was afraid he would simply start to cry.

“Please??…. this is sooo good… but, please, no more?? Please let me cum…. I can’t… I can’t do this any more…..”

The two women paused briefly, looking at him as if confused as to why he would even ask such a thing.

“Sweetie?…. you promised, remember?……… as long as we like?…..”

With a wicked grin her friend purred, “….. and, we would like some more….. lots, lots more…..”

And with that they smiled at one another, captured his defenseless cock once more between their soft tongues….. and resumed softly, slowly licking……….

meltinggoldanddippingthingsinit: digitalswitchgamine: dirtythin…







One week of deprivation and the slightest touch can make this boy’s cock dance as if it has a life of its own…


I understand why she likes keeping me this way.

Some posts are meant to reposted indefinitely…


At first I thought that was a string, but no, it’s precum. Excellent.