teazdndenied: “Hands….” Though she’d softly purred only one…



Though she’d softly purred only one word, it was enough to make him whimper in frustration. He knew exactly what it meant. Immediately he drew his hands away from fondling and touching her soft, warm breasts that he loved so much.

Her eyes smoldered with lust as she looked down at him, savoring the way he looked up at her with such desperate longing, his arms now obediently at his sides.

Smirking slightly a moment later she then murmured, “Pillow….”

This time he pleadingly whined, “Baby please??”, though even as he begged he was dutifully tucking his hands behind his head and beneath his pillow. That is exactly where they would remain until she offered her permission.

Now the only way he had of relieving his mounting lust for her was to allow his hips to match the sensual, rolling motion of her own. But that was only until she looked down at him wickedly and instructed, “Still…..”

“My god,” he groaned helplessly, forcing his body to come to a stop. Now, he was nothing but hard, male flesh that was at her mercy. A steely hard cock for her pleasure. And now he could do absolutely nothing to bring about his own release, other than wait for her hot, silky softness that was hungrily tugging and clutching at his cock to send him over the edge.

But as she saw that look on his face, sensed that trembling in his body and realized his release was approaching, she chuckled wickedly and simply said, “No…… wait…..”

Now his fate was sealed. His cock was throbbing and aching…. enveloped in her silky molten pussy…. creamy wetness oozing and dripping around him…. yet now any hope of release had been taken away. Not until she was satisfied. Not unless she said…..


Excuse me, I’ll just… go over here and cool down a bit.

teazdndenied: One of Abby’s favorite stress releases after the…


One of Abby’s favorite stress releases after the end of a long day was to snuggle in to her husband, letting her head rest peacefully on his stomach. She would free his cock from its fabric prison then softly, gently, slowly let her fingers delicately brush and trace along the length of it.

At the feel of it stiffening and swelling beneath her touch Abby would let out a soft sigh of contentment, feeling the first signs of her stress that had built within her during the day begin to diminish. Something about the feel of the heat building within his erection against the coolness of her hand… the rhythm of the way that it at first pulsed gently beneath her silky fingertips but then gradually built in to a steady, desperate throbbing…. it was like calming therapy for Abby, a slow journey where gradually her stress would eventually be released.

But, today was Monday.

And Mondays were the worst for Abby, her office often a maelstrom of administrative chaos and grumpy, agitated people.

On Mondays, it could sometimes take hours for Abby to unwind at the end of her day.

Tonight it would take more than the rhythmic, desperate throbbing of her husband’s cock to ease her stress.

It would take the feel of how it quivered so helplessly when it was left trapped just at the brink of release, only to then be denied her touch just long enough so she could resume once more moments later…

It would take the feel of his warm, slick pre-cum oozing helplessly from the tip…. and the oh so relaxing sensations she felt as her fingertips slowly spread the slippery fluid over him so that it glistened before her eyes….

And, it would take the sounds of his labored breathing and needy whimpers…. the sight of the quivers in his thighs…. the feel of his balls slowly becoming warmer, fuller, heavier when she let them rest in the palm of her hand…..

But, Abby didn’t mind. She was patient. She knew no matter how long it took, eventually her stress would be released through the desperate throbbing and dripping of her husband’s aching erection. It was only a matter of time.

Regrettably for her husband though, Abby’s own particular brand of self-therapy did not seem to leave him in the same calm, relaxed state of contentment in which it left Abby.

teazdndenied: It had been a long Monday, starting with her…


It had been a long Monday, starting with her alarm clock rudely dragging her away from a steamy hot erotic dream at 5 a.m….. and at just the wrong moment. Damn it. And as much as she would have loved to have drifted back to sleep in the hopes of seeing just how this dream might end that was not an option.

Not today. An early morning flight awaited her, followed by a day of sales presentations. She looked forward to the challenge of a new day…. a new client… a new group of men for her to persuade to do her bidding. Unlike the men though who she might persuade to stroke their cocks in her hotel room for her amusement, these men will instead be stroking checks…. signing contracts…. agreeing to her terms.

God how she loved sales….. the perfect marriage of her technical brilliance and her skills of seduction.

And it wasn’t as if she slept with clients to gain their business. That was never necessary. Her ways were more subliminal… more subtle… yet every bit as effective.

That’s not to say that her business travels were without their share of mischief. Far from it. It’s just that her pleasure would come later….. perhaps a random, nameless man from the hotel bar… a man who she would put her imprint on in a way that he would never, ever forget.

Tonight she’d had to endure a client dinner after her day of presentations so it was after 9:00 by the time she returned to her hotel. She pondered calling it a night, but the day had been so successful…. and that damned unfinished dream had been playing through her mind off and on all day.

Perhaps she should stop by the hotel bar? Just in case?

Her eyes subtly scanned the bar as she entered, sensing that familiar sensation of hungry male eyes immediately undressing her. Though she may have been a bit older than many present, she was every bit as alluring. And without a doubt, once she had a man in her room, she could give him a night to remember that younger women could not begin to imagine.

She carried herself with confidence and grace, returning the smiles of men who clearly were already forming their strategy in their mind of how to approach her. Tonight though she was interested in something else. Not the typical bravado of the road warrior who’d experienced countless encounters while doing ‘company business’.

And then, he caught her eye. Sitting alone at a small table. Close enough to the bustle of the crowd as to not be overlooked, but far enough away to not be in the middle of it. As if he wanted to be part of the dance, but was still unsure and tentative as to how to insert himself in to the flow.

She saw him briefly make eye contact with her, offer a quick smile, but then avert his eyes as if perhaps he’d done something wrong.


Wasting no time she made her way directly to his table. “I’m sorry, but all the seats at the bar seem to be taken,” she said as she gazed down at him. Glancing around the bar she added, “… and you seem to have found the perfect spot. Would you mind terribly if I joined you?”

She found the look of surprise in his eyes to be rather adorable. Clearly the last thing this gentleman expected was for a woman to approach him. Of course he quickly agreed… and her dance of seduction began.

It took her no time at all to deduce that this man was far from a road warrior which worked to her advantage, making it easy for her to steer the conversation how she wanted… drawing from him the information she wanted to know.

Married. Kids. Rarely out of the office. The sort of man who had that awkward, uncomfortable, married man sort of look about him simply from being in the presence of a woman like her in a hotel bar.

In other words, the sort of man who made her moist just to think about luring up to her room to have her way with.

It was obvious that he was spellbound by her… looking at her in that way that men do when they’re barely able to believe their good fortune to be sitting with a woman like her. Still, everything about his body language, his voice, his mannerisms made it clear he was all but clueless as to what the next step was in a situation like this when on the road.

It was time………….

Reaching over, she began to softly…. sensually…. teasingly…. trace her fingertips over his. She looked in to his eyes and spoke in a soft, sultry voice.

“Sweetie…. let me make this easy for you. You don’t have to ask the question… you don’t have to say a word…. but, you should know…. I have every intention of taking you up to my room with me….. and I have every intention of doing all sorts of wicked things to you…..”

His face flushed crimson, his heart began pounding frantically, his mouth falling open as he was unable to breathe. Smirking slightly she murmured, “Shhh, don’t talk….. just nod your head….. would you like that, baby?”

The hotel bar now seemed to be spinning wildly to him, but after swallowing hard and remembering to take a breath he managed to nod his acknowledgement.

Now her eyes were bright, revealing the lust now building within her, her voice now all but dripping with sex.

“… you’ll be mine sweetheart… mine to do with as I please…. to use as I please…. ” She smiled wickedly as a quiet, involuntary whimper escaped him, her fingertips still softly tracing.

God, how was she doing this?? It was as if each soft caress of her fingers against his was now being felt in his cock, causing it to begin stiffening…. straining…. throbbing….

“….. mmm, and you’ll confess everything to me…. all of your secrets…. all of your lusts…. and the ones that you protect from your wife?… you won’t be able to protect from me….”

Oh christ, he was getting so hard… his body feeling feverish… he needed her to stop talking… to stop touching him….

Her breasts were heaving, her pussy moistening as she watched this poor man struggling. Still, she couldn’t stop. Not yet. This was way too hot…. way too much fun.

“…. oh honey, the things I’m going to do with you…. things that you won’t be able to stop…. things that will make…. you…. beg…..”

Oh jesus, how could his cock be so hard without being touched?! It was like her voice… her words… her caresses were wrapping around his shaft and working him toward the edge…

She chuckled at the look on his face, teasing, “… what’s that matter, baby?…. is your cock getting hard?…. hmm?….. would you like to be my fucktoy for the night?….”

He was melting down right before her eyes, barely able to think. Red faced and breathing heavily he managed to nod his head.

“You’ll do exactly as I say….. and the first time you don’t, you’ll leave…. you understand that, don’t you baby?” It wasn’t as much a question as it was a statement of fact.

Again he nodded, his hand now visibly trembling beneath hers. Grinning, she purred, “Mmm, good boy….,” then glancing toward their server smiled and said, “Check please?”

She smiled to herself with anticipation. Finally, she was now going to be able to create her own ending to the dream her alarm had disrupted when her day began.

teazdndenied: “Oh honey, you poor thing….,” Karin said softly…


“Oh honey, you poor thing….,” Karin said softly to herself with a smile when she glanced over at her husband. It had been five minutes earlier when mercifully her insatiable longing to tease Doug in to oblivion had finally been satisfied. Still though, that dazed, faraway look on his face lingered as if he were still unsure where he was and what had just happened to him.

Karin then glanced down at his cock, chuckling to herself at the deep crimson color, the fullness, the way the clear precum oozed down the length of it. Though the throbbing was less frantic and it no longer pointed directly toward the ceiling, she’d done this to her husband enough times over the years to know what was coming for him next…. the ache….. the agonizing, inescapable ache.

With her soft fingers and moist lips no longer offering sweet, sensual pleasures to distract him from his frustration, Doug was now left with nothing but the ever growing ache in his balls and the realization that he would indeed not be cumming any time soon.

With each passing minute it was if he could feel the cum that Karin had wickedly trapped inside his shaft begin to helplessly recede back down in to his balls. Soft, tormented sounds of frustration escaped his lips, that aching sensation of them becoming fuller, heavier making him dizzy and weak with need.

Pausing on her way to the shower, Karin knelt down next to her husband, soothingly stroking his hair for a moment. Seeing how desperate, how vulnerable he was she couldn’t resist the temptation to cause his sweet torment to linger a bit longer. Peeling off her moist, warm panties she carefully arranged them over his face, ensuring that with each breath he took he would be lost in a world of her intoxicating erotic scent.

“It’ll be ok honey, I promise….. just lie still….. don’t move a muscle…. and breathe. I’m going to go take a nice, hot shower then I’ll be back to check on you,” she purred in a soft, loving voice. Karin smiled at the sound of his weak whimper as she rose, her voice taunting, “…. and don’t even thinking about touching yourself…. just leave it alone and let it ache, sweetheart.”

Then, with one last wicked display of the power she held over this man, Karin smirked as she slowly walked away, untying her robe…. letting it carelessly fall in a pile at her feet, offering her desperate husband one last look at her alluring, naked curves as she disappeared from view in to the master bath.

teazdndenied: As much as Brandon loved what seemed to be…


As much as Brandon loved what seemed to be evolving that faint voice in the back of his mind was telling him something wasn’t right…

Things were happening too fast……

But even though he heard those faint reminders in his mind of…. ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’…. Brandon was finding himself powerless to stop what was happening. The caresses of his two new neighbors were too electric…. their kisses too soft…. and their persistence too irresistible.

Now, it would be only a matter of time before Brandon realized he’d mindlessly nodded his head in agreement to their soft murmurs a few too many times…… incoherently all but whimpered the word ‘yes’ more than he should have….. was far too receptive when they unveiled his body to their predatory eyes then spread his limbs to the four corners of their bed, rendering him helpless with the silk scarves that were already lying in wait for him.

Brandon would soon learn that he was far less the missing piece to their menage a trois than he was the toy they’d been waiting for….. helpless male flesh for them to arouse, tantalize and tease…. quivering catnip for their tongues to share…. his swollen, desperately aroused cock now theirs to do with as they pleased…. their perfect playtoy for hours of sensual, erotic pleasures.

And as he was slowly being driven mad from the sights… the sounds…. of his two neighbors enjoying orgasm after orgasm Brandon was instead drowning in a sea of aching desperation…. mercilessly subjected to searing pleasures that for him always ended in excruciating frustration.

With his moans… his whimpers…. his pleas blending with their purrs and murmurs of delight, that barely audible voice in the deepest part of his mind that was still functioning was reminding him…. now much too late…. ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.’


teazdndenied: While some women adored the feel of a hot, hard…


While some women adored the feel of a hot, hard cock pulsing in their hand….. some the way it quivered in response to the soft, slow caresses of their tongue…. or many the feeling of how it throbbed inside their dripping sex…. to Rochelle it held a different purpose.

For her, a man’s cock was the key to quenching her own pariticular, often insatiable fetish….. the feel of a man’s full, swollen, heavy balls gently rolling through her silky fingertips. Because of that, her touch on a man’s cock had become exquisitely refined to suit her own purposes, arousing him with searing pleasure with no intent to allow him release.

Now, Rochelle knew she had Ben at that magical point where his body was helplessly responding to her every touch, his body so feverishly aroused that it was producing cum at an almost frantic pace. But, under Rochelle’s knowing touch it had nowhere to go, instead every drop was helplessly trapped within him.

Having never found himself at Rochelle’s mercy before, Ben had no idea what to expect. And now, bound to her massage table, he had no way of stopping her. With Ben now pitifully whimpering and moaning from his desperate need to cum, Rochelle on the other hand was reveling in her sexual power, dripping with arousal at the feel of his balls so hot, so swollen, so heavy with cum gliding through her silky fingertips.

She smiled at the way his head strained toward her as much as his bonds would allow, seeking the comfort of her nearness. He was so lost, so gone, trapped on a feverish burn from her slow, wicked caresses.

“Aww, what’s the matter Ben?…. are you really starting to feel it now?…. hmm?…. I bet you are, aren’t you?,” Rochelle teased in a soft voice.

She smiled at his whimper, purring, “I know sweetie, I know…… they’re starting to ache so much, aren’t they?….. but, that means we’re just now getting to my favorite part…. I love the way they already feel in my hand….“

Rochelle paused and added, in a husky whisper, ”… but I want them so much fuller… I want to feel how hot I can make them…. the way they feel so impossibly heavy when they rest on my fingertips….. “

Smiling at his whimper she murmured, “So you see Ben, you’re going to have to ache more for me…… sooo much more…. but, you don’t mind, do you sweetie?…… for me?”

teazdndenied: After realizing the water for the shower had been…


After realizing the water for the shower had been running for ten minutes Kasey realized exactly what her boyfriend was up to. She knew he wouldn’t be so foolish as to treat himself to an orgasm after the long, merciless tease he’d just been through. No, Carson knew better than that.

She smirked and chuckled to herself, realizing that instead her aching, frustrated boyfriend was seeking the only relief available to him. A long, cold shower. Well, that simply wouldn’t do. Not today. Not considering the fact that Kasey fully intended on keeping the heat turned up on her boyfriend all day today, building up within him a case of blue balls so agonizing the poor dear wouldn’t even be able to walk by the time she’d finished with him.

As silent as a kitten Kasey made her way in to the bathroom, allowing her robe to land in a pile at her feet just before she slipped quietly in to the shower behind him. She smirked, feeling the cold water cascading down over her boyfriend.

She grinned at the feel of his body jerking in surprise at the sensation of Kasey’s soft, naked curves pressing in to his back. In a wicked tone of voice she purred, “Baby, this water can’t be very comfortable….. here, let me make it better for you.”

Reaching around him, she adjusted the temperature of the water so that the shower began to rain hot water down over the both of them, creating a sensual steamy haze around them. With one hand finding his cock, the other teasing along his neck and chest, Kasey purred in to his ear, “Don’t… move…. a muscle, Carson. This will never do baby…. let me get you all warmed up.”

Within moments his body was once again completely under Kasey’s control, his chest quivering, his cock throbbing, his tormented moans of need echoing off of the shower walls. As her soft, slippery hand worked his aching cock toward the edge she purred tauntingly in his ear, “Mmm, that was a naughty boy, Carson….. trying to make your ache go away…..”

A moment later Kasey was laughing softly, amused by the way her boyfriend had to put a hand on the shower wall to brace himself when his knees nearly buckled from the loss of her hand on his cock just as he was about to go over the edge. Sucking softly on his earlobe she murmured, “You’re going to pay for that, baby…. that was cheating….. now, I’m going to have make this so much worse for you.“

Letting her fingers glide ever so lightly and delicately along the length of his shaft Kasey huskily whispered, “This is mine now, Carson…. I can do whatever I want with it….. and, if I want it to ache, then that’s what it’s going to do…. and you’re not to do even one, little thing to stop that….”

“Baby, I… I’m sorry…. I didn’t know….,” he stammered, his dazed, confused, and most of all sincere voice making Kasey smile. Kissing his ear she purred, “Shhh, hush baby…. I know, I’m not mad… but, now you do know.” Her fingers were now at work slowly building him back toward the edge once again as she added, “….the good news for you though is…. after the lesson I’m going to teach you today, I promise that you’ll never…. ever…. make this mistake again.”