Silence (NSFW)



We had no intentions of staying in your grandparents’ spare bedroom after a delicious weeknight dinner, but the unanticipated storm leaves us with little alternative. I know you’re reluctant. As we say our good nights, and graciously accept a pile of clean linen, a devilish idea consumes me. I had teased you all evening with the tap on my nails on the dining room table and brush of my nylon clad foot against your leg while we ate, working us both into quite a state.

I quietly push you against the bedroom door as it closes shut behind us and then stand on my tiptoes to reach your precious lips. Between sweet kisses, you repeat my name under your breath in protest. You’re far from disillusioned by my bag of tricks. I smirk.

‘Arms up’ I demand in a cheeky whisper, purposefully ignoring your struggle. Those grey eyes widen and fixate on mine as you shake your head. ‘Up’ I repeat, in the most confident of tongues. You gulp. There’s no point arguing, your pressing excitement tells me you need this as much as I do.

When you eventually comply, I burrow my fingertips under the bottom of your loose fitting t-shirt and graze my nails over your hips and up your tender sides as your shirt lifts. You tense. My nails leave an instant trail of goosebumps to mark their path and I feel you using every skerrick of willpower to keep your arms raised high above your head for our mutual enjoyment.

Pausing my fingertips at the base of your underarms, you begin to tremble. ‘What’s the matter, baby?’ I ask with a grin. You bite your bottom lip. I can’t help but stare at you, admiring the wrinkles formed by your scrunched nose and not so hidden smile. I love how you’re useless at holding back the biggest of smiles. Fuck, you’re already making me melt.

I scurry my fingers under both of your arms at once and your composure instantly gives way. Your arms retract to your sides, trapping my fingers which I continue to scrunch, making you whither and squirm against the solid bedroom door. Not being able to laugh from fear of your grandparents hearing our playtime only proves to amplify the maddening sensation and seems to weaken your usually above average stamina. You desperately want to burst into a fit of laughter but you know that will only cause an end to your torment, and secretly, you never want my teasing to stop.

Finally, you utilise your greater strength and size to kiss me deeply in your longing for momentary release. I can’t help but kiss you back, then I scrunch my fingers once more for good measure. You throwback your head against the woodwork and drop your body weight into my embrace. I race my hand down your sides then release.

‘If you can’t keep your hands above your head there is no option but to tie you up’ I manage to coo with a gentle jab in your sides after I finally regain some composure myself. You pretend to protest all the while undressing at lightning pace. Your predicament never fails to turn me on. I selvage the belt from your trousers and luckily for you, I keep a stash of silk scarves in my handbag for exactly these occasions.

What a delightful sight. Now naked, you lay on your back expectingly, hopeful that I will reward you for your obedience. Your glistening cock is loudly seeking my attention. I smirk once more, quietly encouraged by your enthusiasm and desire. I proceed to undress in front of you, revealing my new matching lacy bra and panties. Your eyes widen. Oh how I adore teasing you. You lift a pillow and burry your face in any attempt to alleviate your growing frustration. Until now you’ve only been restrained by your own longing to be dominated.

I take my time securing your wrists together with three loops of your belt and affix the belt to the headboard with a silk scarf. The anticipation just as torturous as my devilish touch. You whine. Your legs are spread wide and ankles duly tied to the corners of the bed frame. I test your bonds with a flutter of my nails. Your head shakes side to side. Your cock bounces. You are perfect.

Positioning myself next to your bound body, I begin to kiss along your jaw line. You turn your head away from my lips, exposing your neck to my next assault.

‘I know how badly you crave this’ I whisper, referring to your unfulfillable desire to be vulnerable.

‘To be teased.’ ‘To be tickled.’

I’m accentuating my words so each syllable vibrates in your ears. You moan and your cock grows.

My fingers trace over your upper tummy and you fail to prevent a small giggle from escaping your lips. I swiftly muffle your laughter with one hand and use the other to trace large circles around your belly, savouring each flinch as I hit a particularly sweet spot. A pinky finger in your navel never fails to set you off. I can sense you’re on the verge of inadvertently waking your grandparents in the next room. I pause, though my finger not yet retracted.

Once you’re somewhat composed, I climb on top of you, facing your feet. You yelp at the first scrape of my nails up your left arch. Thinking quickly, I bury my toes into your mouth to stifle any forthcoming laughter. Your cock stiffens the moment my small, soft feet caress your face. Your cock is teasing me above my panties. I can’t help but grind and you moan into my soles. I giggle gently as you lick and nibble, but you’re careful not to make me pull away.

You buck as far as the silk scarves will allow when I scurry my nails up your arch and pause on the ball of your foot. I tickle with cascading fingers then stop and repeat over and over again. I enjoy the feeling of the vibrations of your muffled laughter all over my feet, perhaps I’m enjoying this too much. More than once I need to remind you to be quiet, by scratching just below your toes and force my nible fingers between each one. Your toes curl and I turn to see your face turning an interesting shade of red.

As you start to take control of your predicament, I switch feet and commence my assault on your sensitive right sole. Again you buck and whither. There’s a small crease at the top of your right arch that drives you to hysteria. I swear your laughter falls silent as I lick and nibble this crease before devouring your toes.

‘Not the toes’ you want to scream, yet you can’t. There is no alternative but to accept the tickling. I know you’d never alert your grandparents to your torment and I plan on taking full advantage of your priorities. Your body’s tense. Your cock is pulsating. Fuck, I’m wet.

Feeling myself getting closer and not wanting to be too distracted, I dismount your waist and reposition my body between your bound legs, my lips millimetres from the head of your cock and nails resting on each hip. My legs are bent so those soles you love are visible and so close, yet completely out of your reach.

‘Pleasssse’ you beg. I smile, knowing you’re pleading for some kind of gag, a scarf, a hand, a foot, anything to allow you to fully emerge your self in the moment. But your begging goes unanswered. The need to be silent is your ultimate restraint. The ultimate tease.

I wink. My lips lower around the head of your cock. Your eyes and fists clench simultaneously.

As I take all of you in my mouth, my nails rake over your hips with the perfect amount of pressure, over and over again. You writhe, quickly approaching the edge. I stop. Your desperate to scream.

While I give you time to regain your composure, my fingertips make their way up your sides like I’m playing piano keys and back down all the way to your inner thighs. I glance at you and wait until I’ve caught your eye.

‘Oh no!’ you beg. I smile.

Once my nails burrow under your balls your mouth widens and I can see the beautiful mix of dread and delight overtake your form. All ten nails tickle you most sensitive of spots. Your kryptonite. They work softly and slowly at first and gradually the pattern is lost and the motion is haphazard. The sensation must be maddening. I flutter my nails and pause at random. You try your hardest to retract your hips or buck, both are useless. The silence is the most beautiful kind of torture imaginable but you can’t tolerate much more at all.

I kiss the top of your balls and up your shaft before my lips resume their favourite position, around your aching cock. With my nails still at work it barely takes one wet, deep, long suck until I begin to taste you. Your body convulsing until every last drop had been drank.

With the final thrust of you hips, you collapse firmly into the mattress and can only manage to shudder when I lick the top of your cock as I pry my wanting lips away. Once you’re untied I have to reposition your body myself so I can wrap my arms around you. I adore how you melt into me and I kiss the back of your head.

‘Maybe we should sleepover more often’ you manage to muster, before falling soundly to sleep in my embrace.

TicklingMary DEFINITELY has some very erotic and sensual descriptions of the joys of erotic sensual domination!!! Highly recommended. Reading these ALWAYS makes me wish she wasn’t so far away and already committed!!!

Feeling Evil Today




Right now is one of those times. I just want to tie my little boy toy down, sadistically tight, and totally exposed. Blindfold him, and maybe a gag, but I don’t know, because it would get me wet to hear him beg. I’d love to just tease and torture his helpless cock. Running my fingers slowly up and down, stroking, sucking, and teasing until he’s at the very fucking brink of exploding. And just at that moment, I stop teasing his cock and unleash a relentless and merciless array of tickling torture across his entire sensitive, helpless body. His body is no longer his, it belongs to me now, and with my ten fingers, I will control every sensation he feels. And just when I notice his cock going limp because he’s been tickled to the point of near insanity, I leave the tickling. And start all over again. And I repeat this same cycle, over and over. All. Day. Long. No breaks. No cum. No mercy.

you know luv there are a few of us fellows who would *not* go soft when taken to the edge and tickled

@ticklesandteasesplease oh. my. god. ??

Reasons Why Male Lees Are Important



– No more “Mr. Tough Guy” facade when you’re giggling like crazy

– When it goes from stifling laughter to full blown belly laugh

T H E   S Q U I R M I N G 

– Have you ever heard a cute boy giggle I mean c’monnnnnn

– Biting their lips to stop the laughter!!!!!

– B L U S H I N G   B A B Y   B O Y

– When they’re more ticklish than you are

– The fact that they could totally pin you down and wreck your shit just as easily but are too ticklish to even stop you

-Watching them try to hide like omg


– When they accidentally moan oooPS

-Just ticklish boys

-Holy fuck

Doesnt open tumblr for days, first thing seen is this… rip me

levelupman: ‘You keep saying stop as if that’s gonna stop…


‘You keep saying stop as if that’s gonna stop me!’

All hope is lost for this guy, seriously. Chelsea has a way of convincing you that being tickled to death might be fun. Maybe because she’s having so much that you’re tricked into thinking fun will be had by all? Not true. It’ll be a while before this guy gets a break…

Women who grin and laugh while being cruel like this feel me with erotic, moth-to-flame dread.

I love that feeling.