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“While it’s true I love teasing and tormenting my willing husband, and selfishly coming when he’s not allowed to… it’s also true that he’s my hero, and I would never let anyone talk trash about him. When in public, if the topic of sex comes up, I always talk up my husband, and how wonderful he is in the sack, which is true! His orgasm count is no body’s business but ours, and If he’s willing to stand by me and sacrifice some of his orgasmic bliss to satisfy my teasing, denial and chastity fetish (and even better that he seems to love it too) why would I look such a wonderful gift horse in the mouth? I love him, and love making him insane with unreleased pleasure.”

Text possibly from chastityslavesteve here at Tumblr.

Great text 🙂

Wonderfully put.