teazdndenied: One of Abby’s favorite stress releases after the…


One of Abby’s favorite stress releases after the end of a long day was to snuggle in to her husband, letting her head rest peacefully on his stomach. She would free his cock from its fabric prison then softly, gently, slowly let her fingers delicately brush and trace along the length of it.

At the feel of it stiffening and swelling beneath her touch Abby would let out a soft sigh of contentment, feeling the first signs of her stress that had built within her during the day begin to diminish. Something about the feel of the heat building within his erection against the coolness of her hand… the rhythm of the way that it at first pulsed gently beneath her silky fingertips but then gradually built in to a steady, desperate throbbing…. it was like calming therapy for Abby, a slow journey where gradually her stress would eventually be released.

But, today was Monday.

And Mondays were the worst for Abby, her office often a maelstrom of administrative chaos and grumpy, agitated people.

On Mondays, it could sometimes take hours for Abby to unwind at the end of her day.

Tonight it would take more than the rhythmic, desperate throbbing of her husband’s cock to ease her stress.

It would take the feel of how it quivered so helplessly when it was left trapped just at the brink of release, only to then be denied her touch just long enough so she could resume once more moments later…

It would take the feel of his warm, slick pre-cum oozing helplessly from the tip…. and the oh so relaxing sensations she felt as her fingertips slowly spread the slippery fluid over him so that it glistened before her eyes….

And, it would take the sounds of his labored breathing and needy whimpers…. the sight of the quivers in his thighs…. the feel of his balls slowly becoming warmer, fuller, heavier when she let them rest in the palm of her hand…..

But, Abby didn’t mind. She was patient. She knew no matter how long it took, eventually her stress would be released through the desperate throbbing and dripping of her husband’s aching erection. It was only a matter of time.

Regrettably for her husband though, Abby’s own particular brand of self-therapy did not seem to leave him in the same calm, relaxed state of contentment in which it left Abby.