teazdndenied: Katherine was without doubt a very self-aware woman. She knew that it took a…


Katherine was without doubt a very self-aware woman. She knew that it took a particular sort of man who would be…. compatible… with her expectations.

But, she was also a fair, no-nonsense woman. To her way of thinking, it was best to be clear up front. Why have any confusion in a relationship? After all, time was a precious gift, why waste her own, or for that matter a gentleman’s?

So, after returning to her date’s apartment after their first dinner she stopped him in his tracks as he politely approached with their drinks.

In a soft, calm, but firm voice she instructed, “No, don’t set them down. Hold them. Stay still…… and no talking.”

Katherine took it as a positive sign when he did precisely as she asked. Although she saw him swallow hard, he even remained quiet when she reached forward and began to gently, rhythmically, and insistently rub his cock through his pants.

She did not speak a word as her hand continued its soft, sensual assault… forcing his cock to begin swelling…. and ultimately, to begin to throb and strain against the fabric of his pants.

To his credit, he continued to comply with her request… staying still… remaining silent… though the sound of ice clinking against the glass became more prominent as his hands began to shake.

The more Katherine’s hand continue to rub and provoke his swollen, fabric-confined erection the more his thighs began to tremble…. his legs becoming wobbly…. his breathing becoming strained. Still he remained standing in silent disbelief as he felt himself slowly being worked toward what would be a most unexpected, and awkward orgasm.

No matter how badly he tried to hold back, eventually, his cock had no choice but to surrender to Katherine’s gentle, insistent caresses. His eyes closed in embarrassment and he did his best to muffle a soft whimper of defeat at the uncontrollable sensation of his cock helplessly releasing in to his pants.

Even then, he remained silent, frozen in place as instructed…. even as her hand continued its persistent provocations, refusing to stop until she had forced his cock to surrender every last drop to her, the visible sign of his defeat rapidly spreading on the front of his pants.

Only then did she calmly take the glasses from his trembling hands and set them down. Then, standing…. she pressed herself gently against him, and with her lips teasing his whispered in to his mouth, “You need to understand….. if you’re going to be with me, you’ll cum anytime I want….. anywhere I want….. and most importantly, only when I want. Is that clear?”

In a weak, shaky voice he managed to reply, “Yes ma’am……”

Katherine smiled inwardly, thinking to herself, “Mmm, now this one has possibilities…..”, as she leaned in and seductively teased his lips with her own.