There’s something about . . .







… a man who leaves His clothes on after stripping me of mine, that undoes me. My willfulness is lost in the mixture of thrill and anticipation which comes with that casual display of dominance and control. Even as my skin comes alive with its nakedness, there’s a raw feeling that goes deeper, a heightened sense of vulnerability … by remaining clothed, it’s as though He is telling me, “I have all the time in the world, little girl, and I’m going to spend every moment of it playing with you, teasing and torturing you, in any way that pleases Me. And then, after you’re exhausted, after you’ve cum as many times as I command, maybe I’ll let you have the cock and mind-numbing fucking that you need so badly—but only after you’ve been My very, very good little girl.”

Well, damn. ^^^^ I never understood why girls get all subby when the guy keeps his clothes on. The more you know. 🙂

Um…yup pretty much.

All this, except for the “cum as many times as I command” part

No, I’m definitely with the “cum as many times as I command”

Often, that number will be zero. 😉

Love this post and the thread of comments.  I’ve long known of the power of CMnf, since My first encounter with Tony, aka TechDom, when he had Me strip while he remained fully dressed.  Holy hell, that was a powerful move. 

But these days, as most of you know, I’m far more likely to engage in CFnm.  And the subspace fun is thoroughly enjoyed by the fellas I tease and torment.  That’s okay.  I need the control and bask in the glory of the knowledge that their hearts are full as they’re inspected and touched and toyed.  I credit R with bringing out that part of My personality.  He’s been one of the most dominant men I’ve ever met, with his delicious intellectual and physical drives and very intense energy.  I reacted to him instinctively from the very first, tearing his clothes off, utterly ravishing him while my little black dress and tights stayed on.  I shall never forget the dazed look on his face after I drained him.

Of course, not all the men I’ve played with have experienced that.  “Highly Selective,” a darling man I met on Ashley Madison who drove from Boston to Manhattan for a date with Me, was the nude recipient of My loving three hour coconut oil penis massage.  I had to be careful not to get the oil on My outfit. And of course I didn’t let him cum.  Where’s the fun in that?  Much better to show who’s in charge and leave him wanting more.

That sounds great!

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