Why I make My sub a sandwich…



In a very thought provoking conversation it came up with a Top friend of Mine who went basically off the rails on Me when I mentioned that I had made a sandwich for pet the next day.

His reaction in My mind was hilarious (and I am paraphrasing his words) “How DARE you make your boy a sandwich, You are not to do things like that for him! He should be making you sandwiches and everything else you want!”

Thankfully we were on two sides of screens and he couldn’t see Me when I spit out My tea because I was laughing too hard.

And I told him, what I am telling you, the reason WHY I had the audacity to make My sub a sandwich.

Tomorrow will be My first day off work, and his second day on. We work opposite schedules so we have weeks where we see little of one another, So this allows him 10 more minutes in bed with Me in the morning with Me if his lunch is made. On days I work and he is off, he makes Me dinner. I will be the first one to admit, that a sandwich really is maxing out My cooking capacity and he is the one who cooks in this house. So when I can make him something, I know he’ll eat and enjoy, it makes it worth while. I made him a sandwich because I knew that he’d appreciate the thought, tell Me I’m awesome (which he did), tell Me he loves Me (which he did) and that tomorrow at work when he eats said sandwich, he’ll most likely do it again. I made him a sandwich, because I love him, care for him and really if I didn’t the bread would go bad.
And really, the long short of it, I made him the God-Dammed Sandwich, because I wanted to.

A must read.