You met a domme on tumblr? How did you manage that? I can’t seem to keep anyone’s interest.

First and foremost, I did not meet a domme on here. I met a person who is into the same kinks as me. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that the reason you can’t get the attention you want is because you are looking for a sex object, not a partner.

The first conversation me and @bemyundoing had was about comics and Harry Potter. I did not slip her a message about the things I wanted her to do to me, or asking to be her sub, or anything like that. She is another human being, and I asked about her nerdy interests cause I thought we might have something in common to talk about. When I first messaged her I didn’t think we would end up in a relationship together, because that isn’t what I came to this site for. It’s a happy coincidence that we got along great and actually got to meet in person.

So my advice is to stop looking for “a domme,” and start just looking for people to talk to. Be natural, remember that people exist outside of their kinks and nsfw blogs. And don’t for one second assume that just because you do get along, she wants to top you.